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4/5/2023 c1 guest
Wonderful ! Thank you for sharing !
4/2/2023 c1 3Scruffys Sweetheart
Such a gorgeous journey into a tortured Han’s soul, caught between his need to go and his want to stay. This is such a micro moment, but packed with perfect details, visuals, and spot-on writing, like “How could something so small hurt so much?”.

Loved your inspiration material- both the photo and the song. Do you take requests? I would love to see your take on “People will say we’re in love”, just in case you happen to find yourself in the writing mood again soon! Beautiful fic, Mermaid32!
3/26/2023 c1 knitzkampf
Such a pleasure to see you writing again. I liked how you worked out that scene of what makes him dash to the Command Center
3/25/2023 c1 Guest
Wonderful! Now in my mind's eye I see a scene where Leia has to cop to cherishing that photo with Han on the trip to Bespin! Do I dare ask for a sequel? Love your story, Mermaid 32!
3/25/2023 c1 1DarthKoalaBear
In the beginning it was indeed easier for them to be mad than admit their real feelings. Great job!
3/24/2023 c1 178EsmeAmelia
Nice little missing moment piece. You captured Han's inner voice well.

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