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for Isekai Quintet, featuring King Explosion Murder

7/28 c1 PlzDontReferToMe
I was wondering what “unusual” event that bakugo refered to in chapter 22
5/15 c1 2the mysterious Mr.E
That was awesome. Can't wait to see you have planned next for K.E.M.T.S.H and this story.
5/14 c1 70Omega E The Reader
This is utterly revolting. I hate this fic…because it’s not long enough! Seriously I would have loved this to have more chapters!

I mean it would be curious to see what other characters will show up especially with how Bakugo may interact with the other characters at this school. More importantly it makes me wonder if any of the other canon shield hero characters like Kiel, Rapthalia, and Rifana.

Though I am wondering if Bakugo may discover Subaru’s little time distortion powers. I don’t know if he would but it will be rather interesting. Other than that I hope this gets a second chapter and not just be a one shot.
4/21 c1 Guest
Pretty good, even as just a one-shot. If you ever continue it, I hope to see other characters like Ren and Scarlet.
4/1 c1 Husky throne
I enjoyed this surprisingly keep it up please can't wait for the tablet show where megumi and rem show off their skills.
3/29 c1 RavenBlu
How much money should we pay to have Bakugo sing a line in the opening intro song?

Also this is a hilarious one shot.
3/29 c1 Rolo-lololo
I bet if someone point out Megumin’s explosion is better, Bakugo would surely enter competitive mood and would prove that his explosions are better. After all, he did created giant explosions at the festival and training camp.

As for the upcoming talent show, why not have Bakugo demonstrate his drummer skills instead of combat and shield.
3/27 c1 TheRealD3lph0xL0v3r

Well; If You don't feel like you could be good at writing a "Class 1-A Watches King Explosion Murder The Shield Hero; Minus Bakugou; & with Naofumi, Raphtalia & Filo taking his Place watching Someone else as the Shield instead of him"

You Don't Have to;

I'm Sure SOMEONE Else is able and/or Willing to make said story a Reality; though I'm not good enough at writing; or have the stamina to type so many words at a time for a single chapter. . .

But Seeing Isekai Quintet Featuring King Explosion Murder from Your "Bakugou replacing Naofumi as he shield hero" story along with his Party members. . .

Makes me eager & has awakened a pipe dream to see Someone(Meaning Absolutely anybody at all) make an Isekai Quartet story; With Izuku from Blessed With a Hero's Heart & the Party members he gets from that story(Including Competant useful party members, in which NONE of them are Liabilities) as well as Chica the Black Harpy Arcane Trickster, Liza the Albino Alligator "Dragon Totem Warrior" Yunyun who as of Chapter 21 of BWAHH has a Lightsaber-in-all-but-name; Aela(AKA BWAHH's Version of her), & Darkness; [I Wouldn't expect the Author of BWAHH to do it; with his Severe Brain Damage from Ketoacidosis and all; But If Someone were willing to write IQ(Isekai Quartet) with Archdruid Izuku & the Party members from Blessed with a Hero's Heart Replacing Kazuma & Canon Konosuba Characters as they are depicted in Canon, with Permission given from Magnus9284 himself; That would be Great]
3/26 c1 blueassassin996
well this was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I hope we get to see darkness asking Bakugo to blast her and get her pain fix, or even megamin comparing explosions with him. both sound like fun. Or even neia with the floor guardian twins speaking about how the 3 of them are elves.
3/26 c1 Kzach
Ainz could indeed sense when someone is spying, but this is Isekai quartet world/chibi version and all their powers are somewhat modified as well as their personalities to fit the genre which is comedy. In short, powers are weakened or will go back to their original strength when the plot demands it.
3/26 c1 TitanLORD21
Nice chapter but I feel like Ainz would know if someone was spying.
3/26 c1 3RonaldM40196867
Roswaal should be a comedian.

Bakugo is very observant since he can see through Ainz.

Tanya is an interesting one as always.

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