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for Darth Vader: Shattered Galaxy

2/22 c11 DT.A.9.RE
Can't wait for more
2/21 c5 DT.A.9.RE
Uk if i were a writer and had a bunch of non satisfactory scenes planned out and had the opportunity to jumble them all together and make sound like it worked ... Welll i would call this chapter a masterpiece
2/21 c11 24NewMystery356
Ah yes, the tried-and-true “dissection of time travel” segment… And coming up next, the Pronoun Game~
Lu-Gal will make for an interesting addition, and another divergent point between Vader and Anakin.
I’m eager to see if Vader and Yoda will cross paths once again.
2/11 c7 1FuryDrake
So time travel have more consequences than canon derailing. Heh. This is interesting plot point.
2/11 c6 FuryDrake
What is worse? Uh. 16 Vaders is too much of badass'ness to evade universe turning into warhammer 40 000, 16 Qui-Gons? Jedi order is just gonna nuke some of them, 16 Anakins?... I doubt the force itself know what to do now. 16 Obi-Wans? They will siphon all the trouble in the galaxy.
2/11 c5 FuryDrake
... Okay? It is pretty weird.
2/9 c3 FuryDrake
Khaleesh bowed to him...? Oh no, it is t gonna look great for his enemies.
2/8 c10 24NewMystery356
Huh. I wonder why Shmi settled on Serrano and not Naboo…
2/8 c9 NewMystery356
Well, nice to see Plagueis is off having fun~
2/8 c2 1FuryDrake
Interesting, this star system to trigger such reaction from Vader.
2/8 c1 FuryDrake
So, Abeloth giddily observing chaos unfolds. Heh.
2/3 c11 26ReaperOfBalance
If someone is pulling the strings, they both have to be worrying about what happens when the wrong string gets pulled and everything starts to unravel
2/3 c10 ReaperOfBalance
A move to help Anakin but also to see how Vader would react possibly. Dooku would consider it after all
2/3 c9 ReaperOfBalance
The question becomes: does Vader have the same set of memories as they do from their interactions or does he have a new set of memories from the time distortion?
2/3 c8 ReaperOfBalance
Vader is starting to get fond of his soldiers too it seems, probably the familiarity as well
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