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for The Love of the Game

4h c30 nzjojo
I loved this chapter! Things are really moving forward. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
5h c30 Flippysten
Loved how far they've come. Ha Jacob got what he deserved.
5/28 c30 1divyvicki
Great talk with his family. Love that Riley “Loaned” him the necklace. So excited about the series. Hoping they go all the way.
5/27 c30 Moltz
A very well written chapter dealing with personal pressures within family.
Leave it to the paparazzi to blindside Bella at the airport.
They handled it well as a couple.
Somehow we haven’t heard the last of Jacob.
5/27 c30 tff000
5/26 c30 24gabby1017
I am so glad I got to read this chapter without interruptions.
I may have squealed a little with Jacob's arrest and pumped a fist. I loved that!
The talk with Edward and his parents was touching... Esme and Carlisle do not disappoint.
Yeah, the Braves have to win ... Edward and Bella need to walk down the aisle.
In real life, I'm a Bostonian... we know my team. But I love the homes in Georgia with finished basements.
5/26 c30 biblepam
Seems to me like a quickie round of sexing would help in the relaxation aspect. Why abstain?
5/26 c30 1JayNahNah
Loving it. Mental health is so important
5/25 c30 everlong21
Awesome update. Thanks for writing and sharing them :)
5/24 c30 Vtweetymccn
Sorry it’s late but I had Pre-K graduation this week and my husband grandfather passed away last week, I haven’t been at the station it’s been hecked.
Ok so who are they going to play in the World Series Texas Rangers or Houston Astros? And will Bella go to the Olympics?
KEEP WRITING & Happy Memorial Day weekend ️️
5/24 c30 Mistydeb
Hopefully it’s the end for Jacob, he’s such dick, he deserves all he gets. So glad everything seems to be going well for these two lovebirds, hopefully they will have a great professional year as well. Debbie
5/23 c30 Guest
5/23 c30 1EdwardsFirstKiss
I really want them both to win their respective World Series.
5/23 c30 Dulce Carolina
Loved it
5/23 c30 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I’m thinking he’ll be named MVP, and propose in front of everyone! LOL
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