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for Making the Grail Wars Great Again

5/13/2023 c1 Chaoskingbudda
I got a question would you ever go back to writing more chapters for jurassic tail because me and few others really enjoy the story of it
4/17/2023 c1 Guest
Marvellous. Absolutely, nonesensically, hilariously marvellous.
4/7/2023 c1 1Dimihd
Well, the idea is not bad, but I still expected that it would be much funnier. You didn't even use the meme phrase - I am inevitable. In general, not fun.
4/1/2023 c1 YUGE
This is tremendous. Really, it's YUGE. This is possibly the best deal in the history of trade deals, ever. Believe me, we're going to make magecraft great again.

I rate this 2/2 scoops.
4/1/2023 c1 WateryPaper
Nah the dark wolf shiro diss was crazy bruh this funny af
4/1/2023 c1 Guest
Basee and Trumpilled
4/1/2023 c1 5twocubed
Fucking perfect, abaolitely exquisite
4/1/2023 c1 1Madara Reborn
Loved it laughed all the way through it.
4/1/2023 c1 MysteriousHeroX
This is Stupid and Hilarious. Great job Author!

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