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6/26/2023 c1 6K.H Fernweh
Hello! I knew about this story from reddit.
"Old enough to kill, old enough to fuck".
I didn't expect the female Kurama. o.O What did I just read xD.
That was funny!
4/25/2023 c1 maliqueporcher195
Can’t the ultra mega haram
4/17/2023 c1 2ValentineSokol
Yeah, that was a fun read! But, in all honesty, I have never seen the dreaded trench coat Naruto "in the wild" lol. But the "Fox Hunts" hit it home
4/7/2023 c1 3Cryoturtle
You forgot his hidden god demon Uchiha Senju sage of 1000 paths bloodline.
4/5/2023 c1 ImMoku
i don't know how to react

Died of cringe


Laught my ass off
4/2/2023 c1 Anti-weeaboo Faction
Bro your story is a god sent in this naruhina shit filled fanfiction stories
4/1/2023 c1 1Lilthug
This was sp cringe that it's perfect lmao
4/1/2023 c1 4stroke6
The fact that "nii" would be used for a brother rather than a sister makes this even funnier, somehow hahahaha
4/1/2023 c1 37Foy the Snooze Button
*gag* XD
My guy, you're brutal

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