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6/11 c1 SmartCookie0
Cosmic hertz?
The only thing I can think of is Hubble's constant (70 km/s/Mpc simplifies to 7e-11 Hz). That doesn't make much sense here.
Google is unhelpful.

This story is good; "I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you" is my favorite part.
I also particularly enjoyed the reframation (I can't tell if that's a useful word. What do you think?) of the summary.
4/6 c1 103Sophia the Scribe
Really well-thought-out, well-written discussion of this topic! I particularly liked your Bruce and Babs here, and how they coached Power Girl through to her own conclusions. And the humor you sprinkle throughout stories like this always makes them that much better! Thanks for writing.
4/1 c1 Sage of Wind Dragons
? being sexy is fine? I mean all the super heroes wear spandex and also do codpiece things so like in a regular world they WOULD be showing their owns tuff off so... that.
course with guys you cant be showing off without it going FULL r rated so fun.

also hope toyman whole I just killed a hero so on murder charges or whatever...

its funny take wrestling, everyone talks about the sexuality of Women and how bad not nice that is to force it, but so many of the guys are wearing fucking speedos essentially and no one bats and eye.
ah well.
we show so much murder and death in our shows but Hevan help if we show a little skin.

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