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for Days Without Sun

11/8/2023 c1 itdoesinmyworld
i hope a third party is not the reason they had a divorce
10/7/2023 c21 Guest
So she forgave him for raping her? OMG this Bella is stupid and sad and weak.
10/7/2023 c11 Guest
So...he raped his wife...what an asshole.
9/3/2023 c35 Dulce Carolina
I loved every chapter

Thank you
9/3/2023 c34 1EdwardsFirstKiss
Great story and I am glad they finally found their HEA!
9/2/2023 c35 cocoa blizzard
Thank you for sharing
9/2/2023 c34 lillianolivia.white
I loved this story so much.
9/2/2023 c34 cocoa blizzard
Good story
9/2/2023 c34 30Rebadams7
So happy they found their way home, together
9/2/2023 c34 MsLiss
Thank you
9/2/2023 c35 Rosemarie28
9/2/2023 c34 Rosemarie28
9/2/2023 c29 joshuasmom131
Great chapter!
9/2/2023 c28 joshuasmom131
Awwww baby Leo :) Edwards a great dad
9/2/2023 c27 joshuasmom131
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