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9/10 c1 Guest
Still waiting on the next chapter to this story, I really w add it to know what aurum gets up to and about how she raises her child
8/13 c4 Guest
The story is great, I hope to see it continued in the future. I’m interested in seeing where you take it
8/10 c4 Guest
Love the story hope for an update soon
6/1 c4 Lorenzo Ferrari
Update quickly! Please!
4/23 c4 Singular Ash
Ok sorry for nit-picking but I remembered that each of the RWBY(team) members were supposed to flower themed and looked it up. For volume 4 CRWBY released pictures of the RWBY team with their flowers behind them.

Apparently yang is supposed to be a yellow chrysanthemum, though i think that sunflowers make more sense because her name means sun. But they chose that flower more because of the meanings behind it than anything else it seems.
Meanings that I don’t think apply here.

They generally represent friendship and longevity but yellow ones also specifically represent neglected love

While I don’t have authority to choose this stuff, i would like to think that aurum’s view on them is based on how she remembers them in their final years/moments. So that last part doesn’t fit.

Now Sunflowers represent adoration, loyalty and longevity which i think fit way better. I mean some of yangs songs have lyrics about following ruby. She didn’t know what to do with her life so she dedicated it to her sister and her team. So loyalty work well too.

This isn’t what I thought this comment would turn out to be when I started making it. Well you could always use more compliments on your work so i think I turned out just fine.
4/23 c4 Singular Ash
I feel like it would have been better to make her right leg a vine if Edelweiss’s like weiss’s name is a reference to.
It’s mostly to keep the flower theme but also because the snowflakes looks kind of out of place. I mean you even went with flowers for yang when you could have just done fire or something.
4/12 c1 3Gizmo Gear
Woah. This is so good. I look forward to reading more!
4/10 c3 ninjaoforthanc
This reboot is looking great so far and I'm excited to see it continue
4/8 c3 Singular Ash
This is part two of my comment. because it was getting a little long i split it in two.

Enjoy? ENJOY?! I LOVED your old fic! I thought it was so interesting! The time travel! The way the relic worked! The relic spirit along with the interactions with her! THEN you added baby neo and i fell in love with it!

It was awhile ago that i read it but, some of the scenes I remember and really enjoyed were ruby trying to do maintenance on the relic out of habit then having rose tell ruby that a DIVINE relic doesn’t need “mAnTinECe” like she was slightly offended that ruby thought there would be something wrong with her.

I also remember how you had summer be this jokester who like messing with people. There was a scene (before or after, I can’t remember) the mech fight were summer pranked the girls buy scaring the daylights out of them with her semblance.

Now for as much as i praise it it wasn’t perfect. I understand why your doing a rewrite. In the latest chapters i could tell you weren’t sure what to write anymore and was just winging it hoping it would work out. But i still loved it none the less.

I will also admit that when baby neo came into the picture I almost completely stopped caring about the other stuff. I absolutely LOVED the mother-daughter dynamic you created between them. And i really hope that cobalt isn’t supposed to be a replacement for neo because you don’t plan to bring her back but still wanted the whole mother thing to still happen.

All in all I’m super excited to read more from you and delve deeper into the would you and toasty have created!
4/8 c3 Singular Ash
Well I’m glad to see I’ve made a good impression! Honestly I haven’t read any of toasty’s stuff recently. I’ve been a bit busy, and along with craving different kinds of themes and fandoms i ended up reading stuff on those instead of hers. At least I’ll have a lot stuff to binge when i find the time for it!

Also it’s really nice to get a response. Toasty doesn’t do comment responses like other fanfic authors do, so it always makes me happy when i get a mention. I really have become one of her biggest fans. Like really, it’s almost scary how fanatical I’ve been sometimes about her work.

Hell if she doesn’t have enough betas or editors i would love to apply. The only two authors i have edited for are on hiatus. Though one did come back recently, I didn’t find out until he posted an unedited chapter saying he didn’t have an editor in the notes at the end. When I asked him about it he said he literally forgot I existed…

I’m not sure i wanna edit for him anymore…
4/8 c3 Mirego1999
time travel realy is weird, also explains so many things
4/7 c3 kenshin35
Okay, okay. First things first : Thanks for the chapters, the writing was really nice.
I have to say though that I don't see where this is going. Like Lunus come from nowhere with almost no background and suddenly gives a child to Ruby.
Then again she had 9 month to reflect on what happened to her timeline and her conclusion is "I failed"? Even though she knows the impossible trial the gods have given Salem and Ozma? Even though they have abandoned Remnant completely? Ifeel like there is something afoot here but you are the captain of this ship. Steer it as you will.
Also I liked what you had done with little Neo previously. Actually for now I slightly prefer the previous version. Hope this will change!
4/5 c1 Singular Ash
*GASPS*! I KNEW IT! I FUCKING NEW IT! I thought I recognized your character in Shattered Assumptions! I just wasn’t quite sure enough to mention it!

Damn i loved the old story. I’m super glad and exited to see it get some much needed love.
4/5 c2 GG725
I actually like this one better, though that may be my sadistic? side talking.
You have gone a long way from when you started.
Don't mind me as I do not know what to say/write things which might help you so I'll just leave that to the experts.

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