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6/18 c9 12Cyan Quartz
I can't believe the bad guys won.
5/26 c8 ReflectiveReader
I am convinced Jack and boxy are unknowingly kindred spirits. Boxy gets into the "real world" and Jack into the forums before getting kicked out.
5/24 c7 ReflectiveReader
Yay! Bill's back! I thought Danny's sense would go off once a ghost was in range, there's got to be more to Jimmy. I love the chaos here, really plays to Danny's luck. Huh, Ember has a really good point with the special effects test.
5/23 c6 Cyan Quartz
Gurl Powa
5/23 c6 ReflectiveReader
I love how you bring up Danny being part of an endangered species. I was not expecting it, but I love it now. Lol, I can see why Bill doesn't use his full name much. I almost feel bad for the other hunters interactingwith Jack and Maddie. Man, Team Phantom is well organized for this! Now I'm cheering for both Danny and Bill! Good job, and give us more Bill!
5/23 c6 Speed Reader
This is great, hilarious.
4/23 c5 Cyan Quartz
Ok, this is looking good, the forum stuff was fun.
4/17 c4 ReflectiveReader
Jazz! I'm sure you know better than to give your parents ideas! Even if it leaves to even better comedy. Danny's panic afterwards is hilarious. It's even better that Jazz not only has dirt in Vlad, but Vlad's willing to admit to Danny she has that influence in a desperate attempt to avoid her promises.
4/16 c3 stormchild19
Holy shit i forgot that this was set in the early and mid 2000's lmao! not the GAY kissing getting banned from national television!
4/15 c3 ReflectiveReader
I find Phantom (MOD)'s punctuation thing strange, but oddly helpful. I'm cracking up over him talking with himself on here! And the idea of alive him as a bad cosplay of ghost him is just too wonderful! Now I want to see Wes's reaction with the show host's!

Now I'm thinking too much about how Danny's able to keep his personas straight for these chats.
4/10 c2 ReflectiveReader
Gotta love chaotic Danny! I love that Phantom authored an article! It's hilarious! Jack's like the Box Ghost! No, he's worse! That's funny. Ok, I'm bookmarking this for easy access. Jack's thread fully convinced me.
4/10 c2 7betsybugaboo
*takes a long drag on a candy cigarette* "Just when I thought I was out... Supernatural just keeps dragging me back in." ️
4/8 c1 ReflectiveReader
Will Tucker see the video and share it with Sam and Danny so they can plan? Three ideas come to mind if they can 1) try not to be seen so Danny isn't in the spotlight more 2) mess with the crew as much as possible without being spotted 3) show up for an interview.
4/4 c1 44Black' Victor Cachat
LOL with the skepticism while being so close, yet so far :-P

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