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for Resistance: Until All Light Fades

5/19 c8 3silverfox02029
hello kitty!
how are you?
im allive ! (can you believe it?!) dragged history into a god i dont know what to say apart from: i love it!
its soooooooooooo interesting like tadashi and hiro are both fighting on the wrong side of the war for each other and megan? *whistles* she's a complete a good way ;p

man tadashi is a spy? i thought he couldnt lie to save his life but i guess desperation make you do some weird stuff..
im soo excited for the sequel!

good day
5/7 c4 9KeeperOfTheBigHeroQuintessence
I love this story! The concept is AMAZING and the last prspctv was so poetic…
Keep going.
I demand it.

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