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2/24 c9 5Kaiser-Powers
Was really looking forward to a new chapter, glad it finally came out. I like it quite a bit. Hopefully Jaune's interference in the events of the first couple of games will help more S.T.A.R.S. members survuve
2/9 c9 OldGlory
Glad to know your back!
2/5 c9 3Ssgtsplatter
He has finally returned. I’m so happy to see this story update again. Can’t wait to see what happens next, and the eventual meet up between Rebecca and Jaune.
2/5 c9 1Mgl1206
Im REALLLY liking this. Keep up the good work!
2/5 c9 splash43
also, i had a thought but Jaune came here with the remnants of his armor and shield right? do you think between RE1 and RE2 he could have the shield reforged? to make Crocea Mors anew?
2/5 c9 A.I.man0001
honestly,i almost forgot about this story i had saved(thank the fact i heart this one lol). welcome back! hope you're doing great on the other side.
2/5 c9 LockeBelmont
Good to see you back, this chapter is really good.

I wonder who will survive this time and what will Rebecca say to Jaune.

Thanks for the chapter!
2/5 c9 Dethcat
WHOOOO HOOOOO RETURN OF THE KING! Also lol Jaune just fought what was to him a death stalker. He was probably like “well this should be easy.”
2/5 c9 Mario9218
you're back! yay! i enjoyed this chapter. i like that the team is asking chambers about this as they are out in the deep end and are looking for any help despite how out there it is. also with the machete left behind, i am wondering about jaunes list of weapons. does he have a bag with him? or will he find them?
cant wait for more! and the wait is already killing me!
2/5 c9 simm36
Me alegra que continúe la historia no te preocupes y espero que mejore tu vida por que se que es difícil actualmente tener tiempo y ganarse la vida a diario.
Muy buen capitulo y suerte en lo que hagas.
2/5 c9 Jayz21501
great chapter can't wait for the next
2/5 c9 GeneralSparda
Glad to see you are back , Bravo team is playing L4D while Jaune outside playing monster hunter lol.
2/5 c9 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
2/5 c9 FF8cerberus
It's been awhile. Nice to see you he story alive and well. I wonder who will meet up with Jaune first.
2/5 c9 RougexxJack
Happy for the chapter and to see you still going
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