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for The Tau'ri: Fall (Our Mutual Destruction)

8/31 c12 jacats
Ohh thanks i'm glad I could help. Great chapter and i'm really glad you listened to your dad, dad's are great, coz Jack dying would be the worst! Can't wait to read more, thank you.
8/30 c12 dpdp
Excellent chapter. Worth the wait. Gracie is right and the SGC is in danger. Hope Jack gets back quickly. Looking forward to more.
8/29 c12 Nelly
Vivement une suite.
8/28 c12 12LoneWolfOneill
Jack can’t die, he has heavy plot armor. Graced warning is erie. Could it be that shes got special dna coupled with ancient marker? Sams relief in hearing jacks coice could be felt. When are we going to hear about the US and allies response. What country’s are we sending nukes to? Keep up the great work.
8/9 c11 jacats
WOW! Fantastic story thank you, I really hope you update really really soon. You have me hooked and desperately worried about Jack, and Sam, Grace, Cassie...who am I kidding EVERYONE from the SGC. Please make them be ok.
6/24 c11 dpdp
Excellent. What happens? Is Jack alright.
6/18 c10 ibkaren
It just ends right here? We're never going to know what happens to everyone? The story is well written and I was really involved, but I hate to read something with no ending.
6/8 c10 dpdp
Nice bonding time. Loving friends and family can help in times of need. I'm curious what happens next. ratcheting up in next chapter is fine but will still read if you do some slower chapters.
5/27 c9 dpdp
Exciting. Enjoying the story will wait patiently for the next chapter. Thank you.
5/18 c8 Guest
This is so good! Please finish!
5/17 c8 dpdp
Nicely done. Show the worry and chaos going on for everyone. Looking forward to more.
5/13 c7 dpdp
5/10 c6 dpdp
Excellent. Way to go Gracie. What happens now?
5/6 c6 LoneWolfOneill
The story is turning out great, one off the best I’ve read recently. Daniel gave Samantha the spark she needed. Jack is going to making tough choices really soon. I never watched Atlantis so I’m in same boat. Don’t know how the city ship has in way off combat weapons. Cassis and Grace were excellent in this chapter, thanks for taking up my prompt.
5/3 c5 black1988
Is this some sort of alternate universe?

What about Atlantis?
The Ancient outpost in Antarctica?
Earth's ships?
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