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for Fate

4/24 c8 LadyinLA
Wonderful story! Thank you! I love seeing them with children, and a new culture they've integrated with. And still the hope of returning Home on Voyager! Well done! Thank you!
4/23 c7 LadyinLA
Beautiful! I love how Janeway pushes past her fears, very romantically, and they settle in together. Now there’s a baby! Can’t wait to see what happens next, love this story. Thank you!
4/16 c4 LadyinLA
Oh I love this story so much! I was hoping there would be a sequel. This is off to a wonderful start, I love how you’re delving into Janeway’s history, something a bit deeper is going in here it seems, hoping they find their way forward. So nice to see Chakotay and Janeway taking next steps, so sweet. So good! Thanks you!

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