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for Transformers: Aligned - Hank & Signal Lancer

4/22 c2 Bailey Radcliff
so awesome this is a great story I love your fan fiction can't wait to read chapter 3 I want to know what happens to Hank and signal lancer next time I saw transformers robots in disguise on tv it's a great show thank you for doing this fan fiction see you when chapter 3 is updated
4/18 c2 4Heart of the Demons
After reading the first two chapters of "Hank & Signal Lancer," I'm already intrigued for how the rest of the story will play out. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll make things more interesting with the plot.
4/14 c1 20XxXSkylarxRatchet96XxX
Very interesting story so far. Sounds very good. I like it.

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