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for Spider-Hero 6

9/11 c5 Slimereader11
Great story, if this is a part of spider verse it could be interesting having a Hiro Peni pairing
8/30 c5 Emylle Dias King
Good Fiction pls continue, and i Will let you Cook lol
8/7 c5 45King of 2211
And now, the adventure truly begins.
8/7 c4 King of 2211
And we meet the villain of the story; wonders how Hiro's powers will change things...
8/5 c3 King of 2211
Man, if Hiro had enough time, he could've used his powers, though there would be a chance someone would've seen him if he did.
8/5 c2 King of 2211
Oh yeah, powers developing; though it was awkward when Tadashi saw him, it's good Tadashi didn't see his brother sticking to walls or jumping far.
8/3 c1 King of 2211
A Spiderverse BH6? I'm invested!

And yup, there's the bite; anticipating.
7/31 c5 2admiral809
Just finished reading up until now. Not too many modifications, but some of the best dishes require simmering at a low and even temperature with CONSTANT supervision. I can only imagine Fred's reaction.

Just two things:
1. You may want to change the story's category to a crossover, especially if you plan to drag Hiro into one of the Spiderverse events.
2. Could we talk in PM? This other idea could lead to some spoilers.
7/10 c5 Xxxxxhggg
Wow i hope you continue updating the story and probably wirte fanfiction for the series too and maybe make new villains
4/18 c3 Pattonx
Honestly I would love to see Venom show up and bond with Hiro in one of these stories
4/18 c3 Guest
4/18 c1 PythonCr8
This is amazing! I love Spider-Man and Big Hero 6! I need to know what happens next!

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