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2/17 c34 USSRFox
1) Darth Bane can be proud of Mi Sha and his father. They fulfilled the rule of two perfectly.
2) For a second, I thought Jasmine and Mi-Dved were Katara and Sokka's half-siblings.
3) It seems to me that the level of ass that Hakoda will fall into at the end of the epic with Mi Sha increases with each chapter. For as my gut tells me, Kya will also not be happy with him. And if Zuko also connects his mother to his wife and children, then it will be much easier for Hakoda to go hang himself.
2/16 c34
I love the backstory and different points of view! Are mi-dved and Jasmine going to confront mi-sha as their father and is their a chance one of them might have a Airbender child? Also you said other spirits view sai as in charge and in control in this true or what they see because of his age and knowledge and sai views making overlords symbiotic and to further his goal while working theirs? Also are you going to have Zuko take down the comet from the sky when it passes to harness it's power and start learning about it's origin? Great story as always and hope for an update soon!
2/16 c34 deniswanheda
Wooow fue fantástico, y si como yo pensé, mi-sha es un maestro aire muajjajajajajja, no vi venir que Mi-Dved sea su hijo, mmm podría el matarlo , y Jasmin también lo es ? No estaban seguros, podría ella ser una maestra aire, de esa forma zuko tendría a los 4 elementos a su disposición. Me encantó como llenaste los huecos, y como es el casco el causante de todo . La historia de como se originó el cometa fue grandiosa, supongo que sai tendrá algo que decir sobre todo el asunto
Lamentablemente no recuerdo cómo se llaman, la que es luego de la guerra es de un matrimonio arreglado entre zuko y katara, y en el otro zuko pelea en contra de Azula en las catacumbas y ayuda a los demás a escapar.
Me alegra que Thrawn sea solo alguien con una gran inteligencia, creo que supera ampliamente a azula, y si es verdad, la guerra está siempre presente, sino preguntale a las hormigas jajajaja.
Recibí la notificación de la actualización en mí descanso del trabajo, tener que esperar 5 no solo para salir,sino para poder leerla correctamente fue una tortura
Muchas gracias por seguir ️️️️
2/16 c34 Engineer1869
I really enjoyed this first interlude and all the background information and lore it introduces.

Starting off with the Sozin's Comet, I like the change about how it's the remnants of an ancient battle frought between the Sun Spirit Agni and a monster from beyond the stars. I wonder if Sai knows anything more about what happened.

Then for Mi-sha's origin, it was quite a shock that to learn that he's an airbender who's sperm doner survived the Fire Nation Attack. Speaking of Aruk, I wonder if Sai was evaluating him before and decided he wasn't going to be a good fit to be the next Overlord. Also considering that Sai was able to do a DNA screen of Sokka and Katara, I wonder if he knows that Mi-dved and possibly Jasmine are related to Aruk. Anyway, even though the only confirmed Airbenders Aang and Mi-sha, given all the relatives/descendants I don't think it can be ruled out there are other Airbenders in hiding. That said I think it safe to say that even if there were other Airbenders, none of them aside from Aang would even practice any of the customs that the Air Nomads had. Even Mi-sha's no attachment policy feels like it was more driven by desert traditions than Air Nomads, as well as the ruthless drive to be strong.

This shows Zuko's planned invasion of Amora into a new light, as if the Fire Nation is finishing the job they started when they originally attacked the Air Nomads and this time, thanks to Mi-sha's actions, the Fire Nation has allies to help them with the endeavor. I can imagine how much rage Hakoda is going to have when he gets the full story and learns of what happen to his wife because of Mi-sha and his whole crusade was for him to do Mi-sha work.

Anway thanks for clarification about Thrawn not being empowered by a spirit. I did get a laugh about there being an attempted mutiny or three offscreen. Let me guess, to quell future mutinies, Thrawn threated that any future attempts would result in the conspirators before forced to do a theatrical adaptation of the propaganda.

I look forward to the next chapter.
2/2 c33 USSRFox
Now Thrawn is obliged to name his new flagship after Glass.
I think it's better to kill Kuei, because he:
1) Dumb
2) Useless
3) And he is not capable of becoming a serious obstacle for Thrawn or Zuko.
2/2 c33 Engineer1869
Great chapter,

Wow Xing really shined in his portion of the chapter from figuring out how to sneak into the town/Song's house to defending them from Gow and leaving them Gow's weapons and money. He is a very good boy, especially with how he helps Song with her nightmares by cuddling with her. As for Gow, I can see him taking advantage of anyone who has skills and/or knowledge that he can exploit for money. By the sounds of it, he wasn't paying Song or her mother which is probably why Xing left them the money. On a side note, when Song said that her mother makes too much roasted duck, I imagine what Xing said was something along the lines of there is no such thing as too much roasted duck or roast meat in general.

I really like your creations of Gale and Senso, it does make sense that there would be a war spirit that had an interest in the conflict. Also, I was rather unnerved that Kong was indifferent to the destruction of the air nomads, and I did gain a measure of respect for Angi that challenged Kong on behalf of the air nomads. Anyway, going back to Gale and Senso, I thought that he was rather foolish or short-sighted give that Senso literally told him that if he accepted the offer, he would not leave his post. As for Senso, I thought it was interesting how that how he wants the war to continue and doesn't pick favorites but still has principles about victory being earned and rewarding intelligence, and cunning. It was interesting about how Thrawn could be mistaken for a champion of Senso and if that means another spirit is supporting him, but what I found to be really intriguing about what Senso said about mortals and humanity, as if there was a distinction. Does that mean mortals is the term for humans originating from the Avatar Universe, and Humanity is the term for humans originating from alternative universes?!

As for the Fire Nation air attack, Thrawn really went all out with his propaganda attack. I am surprised that after having the penalty legion copy that infernal book and well as have his soldiers/officers read it, so they know what accusations they were making of the king, Thrawn didn't find himself being thrown from the airship. Anway despite the setbacks, it looks like overall Thrawn's mission was a success give that they distributed the propaganda and blew up the palace. It was nice for Thrawn to offer that someone other than Glass to pilot the doom ship to carry out its mission. That said I have a feeling that Thrawn might have notice that the storm isn't passing beyond the walls and might try to use that knowledge in the future. Maybe he would test to see how close they can get to the walls or past then before the winds strike them, even if the airships can't get past the walls, they could still use the airships to blast the walls and earth kingdom soldiers guarding them and/or drop off troops/vehicles/supplies just outside the wall aiding the in logistics of the ground troops.

As for who should die, I think having the King dying might do the most damage in the long run. Unless there are distant relatives, then the earth king lineage has been extinguished which I sure will demoralize the people despite the propaganda, the grand secretary will have a harder time controlling the kingdom, higher nobles and generals without the king as his puppet (I image a few of them will try to take advantage of the situation to either claim the throne, territory to form their very own kingdom, or at the very least remove the grand secretary and the Dai Li (someone high ranking has to know about them, disapproves of them, and wants them gone)), people like mi-sha would take advantage of the situation further fracturing the earth kingdom, and the grand secretary would have a harder time dealing with the rumors than the earth king. If I remember correctly, Keui became the king at the age of four and is currently underage, therefore the earth king could/would have an excuse of being a naive child who was taken advantage of by a predator. The grand secretary would have no such excuse, and would be regarded with content, suspicion and scorn; unable to disprove the accusations against him. On a side note, it might actually be more mercifully for the earth king to die in the explosion than be informed of the filth about him that the fire nation is distributing.

Glad you like my reviews. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
2/2 c33 deniswanheda
Realmente te superaste a ti mismo, este capítulo fue increíble, como Thrawn planea un ataque en dos frentes y usar a la gente de BA sing Se para hacer el trabajo sucio. Xing es un amor jajajaja, parece que zuko si o si tendrá que visitar la aldea de song, tal vez le prometa inmunidad, seguridad y ayuda que tanto necesitan, el tema de los espíritus me gustó mucho, fue algo que en la leyenda de aang lo pasaron por alto, y en korra fue más confuso y sin mucho sentido, por ejemplo la serie en aang siempre fue del equilibrio, pero en korra cambiaron y raava era la buena y vaatu el malvado, entonces no hay equilibrio en eso.
También me llama la atención que Sensō hablo de que lo humanos luego de esta guerra se prepararan para iniciar otra guerra que supongo que es contra los espíritus. También insinúa que Thrawn es el campeón de algún espíritu, podría ser agni. Otro asunto que no expusieron en el show es algo que me respondiste en la reseña anterior, y es la falta de orientación paterna de katara y es verdad, su madre muere e inmediatamente su padre sale a comprar cigarrillos jajajaja, digo sale a la guerra dejandola para que se haga cardo de la tribu, es imposible que no salga ningún rencor de ese encuentro. Hay dos fics que leí que habla de eso, uno es después de la guerra y zuko le dice a katara que ambos son niños abandonados tanto por sus madres como por sus padres, y en otro luego de la caída de BA sing Se, cuando están en el barco los hombres de la tribu agua del sur la tratan como a cualquier mujer de su hogar y ella debe limpiar, cocinar y arreglar la ropar hasta que se cansa y confronta a hadoka diciendole que los abandonó, que cuando ellos más lo necesitaban el decidió irse
2/2 c33
This was great and can't wait for the next. Is the abomination they were talking about the overlord or SAI itself? Also are you ever going to make Zuko have synergy with Senso and be able to to use war aligned spiritual power like him that affects his body and bending and mind? Or have Zuko take up a domain he won from a spirit like if he beat agni or Senso? Hope whe thawn and Zuko meet Zuko makes thawn realize who's superior otherwise he might get ideas like with the gale.
1/23 c2 1EvilChaosKing
I'll write a longer review later but I've read hundreds of fanfics over the years and this one really caught my attention like no other. It gives me the same vibes as Avacado Love's "Consider Chaos" series where Zuko is the dark avatar - vessel for Vaatu, but with more political intrigue. Please keep going on this story! I am super excited to see where it all is going to lead. I can't believe it doesn't have several hundred follows/favorites and reviews...
1/20 c32 Engineer1869
Great Chapter.

Well it looks like Katara and Sokka had the day to themselves to not just go shopping but see how Goaling is doing under fire nation control. It's one thing for them to hear from Zuko about how it's his duty to ensure the prosperity of all his subjects, it takes it to a new level to see for themselves and talk to people like the store owner who explained that he wasn't being robbed, but the fire nation soldiers were commissioning him to make a large order. It is nice to see Sokka is trying to comfort Katara over having their world views turned upside down with the idea that soon they will be reunited with their parents, and they can all go home, even though he likely knows reality is going to be a lot more complex than that. You know, considering how Sokka is using his head much more, he's likely going to realize that the fire nation army buying heavy coats in large numbers means they are preparing for a mission / campaign in cold weather / climate. Sokka could also suggest to his dad that fighting the fire nation in the earth kingdom / outside the south pole is a lost cause and that it would be better to return home to safeguard the Southern Water Tribe from Fire Nation influence by countering Zuko’s silent methods. To give an example, working to ensure that the Southern Water Tribe is properly fed with food that doesn’t come from the green houses /fire nation, as the longer the Southern Water Tribe relies on the green house project for food the more influence Zuko gains over the Southern Water Tribe.

Moving on to the war conference, it looks like they have a significant army gearing up to invade Amora and have some good plans in place. That said even with good plans and information, portions of the siege are all but guarantee to get messy such as clearing the tunnels even with a highly detailed model of said tunnels. Also, I know Lyn doesn't like it but providing opportunities for the civilians to flee is the best compromise Zuko can give, all things considered. I'm also interested in seeing how recruiting the gladiators goes, as it could result in the Hippo and Boulder fighting for the fire nation. You know, in addition to discussing dividing the loot and who gets to kill Mi-Sha, Zuko might want to discuss with everyone about what to do with Amora once its conquered. Integrating it into the fire nation is going to be messier than Goaling. That said if Zuko manages to bring law, order, and prosperity to the city it would make for good publicity.

As for Xing, he is indeed a very good boy, especially with how he decided to save Song and her mother like how Zuko saved him as a puppy.

And finally, Thrawn. You did an excellent job with his scene where he explains to the soldier how he able to infer that the earth king is under Long Feng control and has plans to use the conspiracy to the fire nation’s advantage. You made a salient observation that the earth king should at the very least be engaged in preparation of ensuring that there is an heir. On a side note, I found it darkly humorous that the soldier suggested that Kuei is in a relationship with Long Feng and Thrawn is going to look further into that if only for propaganda purposes.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.
1/20 c32
I like this writing style if you can combine it with your early style you'd be great. Love the story so far and hope for more soon. Why are you making Xing emulate human thinking and projecting is past on others? Also have you thought of kanna the blood bender and if so how about you add her having a grandson Zuko's age that has been blood bending from a young age and because being raised by her he is mentally disturbed and childish that Zuko recruits and acts as his parent since he didn't have any stable parental roles so he fills that with Zuko after he kills his grandmother. You could make said grandson and crazy man child that can go from harmless man child to a bloodthirsty bender at a moments notice that Zuko uses as a weapon and little brother. He can also tech Katara and she can use blood bending in healing. Are you going to do a arc where Zuko gets Katara pregnant and he be a teen father? Also have you thought of Zuko doing something that surprises and impress Sai?
1/19 c32 USSRFox
I can't wait for Shin to get to Hakoda and there will be a meeting between the prince and the chief to see how much Katara and Sokka will be disappointed in their own father.
1/19 c32 deniswanheda
Me encantó, sin dudas me encanta ver las diferentes perspectivas que tiene la gente sobre zuko, cuando es el enemigo es un titán que Débora pueblos y ejércitos sin problema y crea máquinas de guerra nunca antes vista, cuando es el aliado es sin dudas protector y un gran impulso para mejorar la vida, y cuando son parte de su círculo íntimo y que están oficialmente en su equipo personal , es prácticamente una deidad de prosperidad y benevolencia, el análisis de Thrawn fue magnifico, espero el encuentro con zuko , será como ver a dos gigantes del mismo lado estrechandose las manos, un momento de gran impulso para el ejercicio de la nación del fuego y un momento totalmente aterrador para las naciones enemigas, se ve que zuko ya está planeando el ataque al polo norte ( los abrigos para resistir el frío que está acumulando), me encanta como todo lo que katara va pensando de él y la nación del fuego se desarma en cada oportunidad, también los pensamientos románticos (lujuriosos) sobre zuko fueron fantástico, me encantó que xing logrará salvar a song y su madre , esto le dará a zuko la oportunidad de conquistar la aldea sin esfuerzo, y tal vez pueda curar la pierna de song con el fuego control. Tal vez Thrawn se encuentre con Mai y ambos tengan una interesante conversación sobre arte, sombras, manipulación y sangre. Ya quiero ver cómo es todo cuando llegue hadoka, me encantó la perspectiva de lyn ( defensa) en contra de la de Shaun ( ataque)
1/12 c31 Guest
Thanks !
1/7 c31 Engineer1869
Glad to hear that everything is going well on your end and most of your problems are resolved.

Moving on to the chapter, which as great, it looks like Azula has been busy and I have to admit patronizing various welfare establishments such as orphanages is decent start for her to try to amass support. However, it is rather somber to see that she is admitting her herself that he's afraid of her brother and is starting succumbing to paranoia. I'm interested in seeing what sort of plan she making to surprise Zuko. On a side note, I'm curious to see how things will go now that Mai is leaving with her family for Omashu.

Speaking of Zuko it looks like his military projects are going very well, even though Sai barely thinks they are adequate. That said, considering how Zuko acknowledge that they are overworked from the projects and learning the new technology, he might want to consider looking into recruiting more engineers to help out with the workload. One thing I believe to be of particular note was the completion of the eye carrier class warships as it sounds like Ba Sing Se is going to be besieged by airships very soon. I believe that is going create mess for the Dai Li and Long Feng, as they won't be able to hide that from Earth King Kuei. Anyway, I'm interested in seeing what plans Zuko has in store regarding the tournament.

As for Sokka, he sort of did ok all things considered. Zuko did notice that Sokka did improve from a week worth of training. Also Sokka showed his more intelligent side by reflecting how Zuko was a much more effective conqueror by utilizing silent methods, and said methods likely make it a matter of time before the Southern Water Tribe fall under Fire Nation Sovereignty. You know, considering how Sokka and Katara's grandmother in an earlier chapter regarded the greenhouse projects as poison fruit when she learned the fire nation was behind them, she likely has the same concerns.

I have to admit it was rather interesting to see things from Xing's perspective on his journey to reach Hakoda, not to mention I found it somewhat amusing that Xing regards any human that is not Zuko an imitation. Also, it was very impressive and a bit scary that Xing is strong enough to take on a patrol of earth soldier and able to tell by smell if a human is a bender or not.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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