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5/18 c6 CTJD2003
Copied from Discord:

So I think Scarlett is on to Scott, judging by her refusing to eat the berries. Which I doubt is going to do much good for Scott, however she did vote for Jasmine so I'm guessing an alliance is going to be borne between the two redheads, where Scott does his stuff but Scarlett decides who goes, eliminating the biggest threats. Either that or she outs Scott and he goes. I hope it's the former, since I want Scott to last a while here.

Harold now has an idol. Dave and Damien know. I have no idea how this is going to be used but considering Dave's...personality, I doubt Harold is 100% safe. At least he's still got his alliance with Sierra as well.

The Trouts were the highlight for me this episode. I loved all their interactions, and they're probably my favourite team. Ripper's on to Alejandro...will Eva realise too after Brick's elim? We'll have to wait and see. Either way, I see Bowie vs Alejandro war starting soon considering Bowie voted him previously, and he got rid of Caleb who is likely less challenge-abled than Al. Would be fun to see an unlikely alliance between Bowie and Ripper, or maybe Bowie and Alejandro work together? I look forward to seeing what happens. The Sam and Lauren alliance was fun too.

When it comes to the Gophers there isn't much to say. I want them to go to elimination honestly, they've done too well. Interesting to see Julia's still hiding her true self. Looking forward to when that comes out.

Lightning Squad, as per usual, are a disaster. But I like that it was pointed out how well the team worked together without Lightning and Heather causing drama. I fail to see how the two will last long in this game but I'm sure they will, with MK's allegiance, though it would be fun to see her only supporting them because they're big personalities and she can go under the radar. But considering that MK's a little shit I once again see that not working out for her lmao

Love it. Feels silly to say considering it just came out but I'm looking forward to the next one! Phobia Factor should certainly be interesting. (I'm a huge fan of this and The Ridonculous Death Race, hell yeah)
5/14 c6 SuperSonicHeroes
Wow, Brick and Jasmine are gone now. That's two powerhouses and fan-favorites gone really early.
5/13 c6 CMC
This is an excellent fanfiction. I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm expecting great things from you and keep up the good work.
5/13 c6 Nemonobody001
Great chapter thank you defitinly worth the wait
4/29 c1 Yada
This fic will never end. Mark my words.
3/11 c5 FFF
3/11 c5 Andrew
Wow this was a crazy chapter! I can't believe both Cody & Zoey got eliminated. I really thought Heather was going to target Gwen instead, but Zoey was a huge threat too because she was friends with Gwen, Cameron, and Mike and a lot of other people. Also I'm shocked no one even reacted to Scary Girl breaking both of Cody's arms. I was hoping that Emma would go over Cody, because her only real plot line is her on again off again relationship with Chase. I know you aren't the biggest Cody fan but there is a lot more you can do with his character instead of Emma I feel.

I wonder if Mike's character will be developed more now that Zoey isn't here. In the show the two are together the whole time but hopefully you do more with his character without Zoey. Also I low-key feel bad for Harold both this episode and the dodgeball one he couldn't show off his "mad skills". I wonder if Scott is going to throw some challenges in the future and get rid of some big threats. His team has a lot of strong players like Priya, Jasmine, Courtney, Axel, LeShawna, Rodney and Noah, so I'm surprised Scott didn't try to frame one of them, but I guess it makes more sense logically to let Cody or Emma take the fall since they both messed up.
3/11 c4 Andrew
I love this fic so far. I was dying laughing when they were just going after Trent for missing one ball even though so many people did worse. Also I thought Harold was going to win for the Gophers like in the original, but Zeke winning was a good twist. Zeke has low-key been dominating in challenges so far. He jumped in the first challenge, made it really far in the awake-a-thon, and won the dodgeball game. I wonder if the Gophers will take this into account if they lose. I also like how Dawn is terrified of Scary Girl's aura. I hope that she ends up diving deeper into that. I also wonder if Damien is going to keep trying to help Ezekiel in the future, because Ezekiel is just naive and not actually sexist or racist and Damien knows this. I low-key thought that Cameron was going to go instead of Anna Maria. I think that him and Anna Maria should have been the final two to not get a marshmallow because obviously Heather isn't going to lose this early, so once it was down to them it was predictable. I really really love this concept though of doing all the characters just meeting for the first time on the island instead of making it a new season where all the characters come back. This is a great fic and it's got to be really hard to write for 68 characters and still give them all screen time and plots. It should get a little easier for you as time goes on though. I'm also curious what is going to happen after all the TDI challenges are done.
2/22 c5 4Only Think of Monika
Glad to see Heather is still safe. While i like Zoey she Always seems to go far so it’s refreshing to see her leave early. Same with Cody.
1/14 c5 FlyingTomato
This was a really good chapter. The talent show is always a pretty fun challenge and you adapted it well. I really liked quite a few of the acts; while some like Ella’s and Beardo’s were fairly predictable, other’s like Priya’s and Max’s were nice surprises. I also really the plot progression here. Damien and Ezekiel’s friendship is looking really nice so far and very interested in seeing how the alliance between Topher and Blainley pans out. As for our eliminated contestants, I really don’t have much to say about them in terms of personal thoughts since they’re very similar to yours, so instead I’ll talk about their eliminations.
Zoey: easily the most unexpected one thus far. While I obviously knew Heather wouldn’t go this early I never pegged Zoey as a target since Gwen seemed like the more obvious choice. Still, this does feel like a great way to motivate Gwen and Heather’s rivalry without the diary reading and I do agree her arc though short, was good. It also makes me quite curious what you have in store for Mike.
Cody: even if I’m not personally the biggest fan of him and am kind of happy to see him go early, I really felt bad for him this chapter. Granted, he probably should have known better than to go after Scary Girl, but even still. Nevertheless, it was great to see Courtney actually get to do her violin performance and I’m really glad she didn’t get eliminated here. With this all having happened though, I can see this leading Trent and Dawn to try and team up to take down Scary Girl, though that could very easily backfire.
Overall, a great chapter that really has me looking forward to what you have planned next.
1/11 c5 2richboylion
I'm surprised that Heather didn't go for Gwen considering that she knew the goth was the head of the alliance.
1/7 c5 SuperSonicHeroes
I am really surprised that Zoey left so soon. I guess that in a cast this large some beloved characters will leave at early times. It is too bad she and Mike didn't start their relationship here but oh well.

As for Cody, I was never a big fan of his so him departing isn't so bad. Him trying to flirt with Scary Girl was funny considering how he hit on Gwen in canon. But he found out here he was biting off more than he can chew.
1/6 c5 Guest
So what were the votes on the Lightning squad cause im wondering who voted who
1/6 c5 389SAMOTA
Yeaaasssssssss Wooooohoooooo! Thanks a lot! My 2 least favorite characters were eliminated in this episode! You made this day even better! You are the best! Thank you so much, it made me forget the days when I felt sad for the last 2 days.
1/6 c5 Hero602
Nice Chapter
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