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5/21 c5 Guest
Hope to see an update soon
9/2/2023 c5 18The Riverian
Ok, this is interesting to me, not only because of the cast, but because the challenges are randomized so that it is not repetitive

I like that you didn't make Dakota a wimp like some, except for that acting part that later turned a bit Scary Girl 2.0 (I hope you make that mediocrity character as soon as possible)

And Dakota comes back, as an intern, I didn't expect you to do this storyline, but now that you're going to do it, I hope for two things...a good development...and that she does NOT become a mutant just because, seriously, skip that horrible part, all it did was make ROTI hate
8/31/2023 c5 Gucci Mane LaFlare
I think you did a great job here.
I just love how you write everyone. You really capture everyone's personalities.
I like how you played with the whole stealing food from Chris and Chef thing that happen in canon. It didn't end up happening here, which is a nice change of pace.
8/30/2023 c5 3WoollyLamb
I'm personally pro camp scenes! It helps add to how unique the survival format is. I like Chase here, the Scarlett moment where she aaaalmost manipulated his foot into his mouth was hilarious. Scary Girl has gone from being my least cared about gen 4 character to being a really funny and welcome presence! My gripe is that Dakota is back again in the EXACT same way as canon. I was just thinking it's really cool that this fic did something different with her for a change lol. Excited for the next chapter!
8/28/2023 c5 Mortal01
The talk between Sam and Sammy was fun to ready in enjoying both characters a bunch, The Owen bear references from S1 were a nice addition since this is a survival type season, Amy making moves on Sadie doesnt surprise me as I see her doing that, Bridgette and Damien are a duo i’d like to see more of.

Chef’s challenges are always great so this should ve some fun challenges, Brick also get some time to shine, Chef v Lauren is a rivalry I low key wanna see, halo refrence nice, damien tryna lose again I see, I’d low ley do what Noah would do if I was in his situtation, Bowie x Brick is something I low key wanna see, plus their friendship with Sammy just makes an entertaining trio, Lauren is continuing to be a great presence, Chase taking tips from Duncan I see?, also i need to know the backstory on Chef and Mr Biscuit-.

Oooh some Amy backstory?, Katie and Sadie having doubs on Sammy is gonna be fun, so far this is probably my favourite chapter as everything flows pretty well, Chase being a douche as per usual, I’m surprised though Dawn doesn’t sense Scarlett’s evil in her aura?, oh Katie and Sadie are arguing again-

It’s unfortunate Brick couldn’t win for his team but knowing who he was up against it makes sense why, damn scary girl got screwed over by Chef thanks to Katie and Sadie, and not surprisingly Katie goes here at the right time, DAKOTA RETURNING LIKE SHE DID IN ROTI?, im glad shes back as an intern, but please dont turn her into the DakotaZoid, one of my least favourite plots from the show.

It’s nice you include who voted who along with the teams and elimination order, I’m excited for the next challenge, for more screentime i’d like to see some Dawn and Sammy interactions, plus more of Noah and I wonder how many people Lauren will go after-

My guess for the next person out is either Lauren or Sadiemostly scary girlMortal
8/28/2023 c5 10EndeavorT
Oh good your back and the chapter’s very good. I was starting to think that you died.
5/31/2023 c2 3WoollyLamb
Absolutely loving the portrayals! I'm not tooo sure about the randomizing challenges idea, but I'm exciting to see premerge challenges adapted to the merge and vice versa. I love Scarlett here and it's extremely funny that she's hypocritical about stealing ideas (though I'm sure in her mind it makes total sense to steal them for pragmatic reasons while not wanting other people to steal hers.) I like how Chase is portrayed as a solo player and how he contrasts with Tyler. Leonard has a genuinely interesting portrayal with his dice roll gimmick and I didn't expect to see him go so soon!
5/31/2023 c1 WoollyLamb
I'm happy to see a shuffled fic get more ambitious! The original shuffled was a self imposed writing challenge and I think people forget that. I was skeptical of the increased cast size but everyone's given pretty balanced screentime! The interactions and humor are great!
5/24/2023 c4 3GBond007
Looks like Brick and Bowie are getting some ship tease. Looking forward to how that develops
5/21/2023 c4 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Great job!
Fun fact, Scarlett is confirmed to be British, so she would've probably been the most offended at Dakota's fake accent.
I kinda wish Dakota stayed longer. Then again in Revenge she didn't stay for very long as a contestant either. Makes me wonder if the intern plotline is gonna pop up at some point.
Seems like Brick and Bowie might becomeing a thing maybe, cool. It seems like Bowie is running things and is most likely the big bad.
Amy atempting and failing to befriend Katie and Sadie was pretty funny.
5/21/2023 c4 haydentrieu5501
Ah yes, the boot camp, one of my favorite episodes of TDI
5/18/2023 c3 Cameron70

I was DEFINITELY not expecting that! But holy shit, I'm loving this. Keep it coming!
5/14/2023 c3 Guester 1
It's a bit sad that Geoff is leaving early, but on the plus side, this gives the other characters some screen time.

Will teams merge when there are 12, 10, or fewer characters left?

I say that there will be two villains in the season, Scarlett and Bowie in their respective teams, the first will show little by little and the second is already starting his strategy

i hope damien gets over his fears and decides to get serious

and poor DJ, if he got into trouble with sky, he'll have to work hard to get his forgiveness

I'm excited for the next challenge and the interactions that will come from it.

Right now these are the ones I support:

noah, tyler, bridgette, dj, owen, dawn, sam, brick, sammy, jasmine, sky, scary girl, damien and millie
5/7/2023 c3 Mortal01
Episode 3 Review Time!

I like the reference to chilly Billy with Brick’s alarm clock, SamDakota potentially pairing up like canon is fun to see, Bowie seems like a great fit for pairing up with Sammy, mirroring EmmaChase but this time with the twins, Geoff could be interesting in a leader-type role for his team as he’s naturally popular and likeable to most and also Sky too.

Dawn reading Bridgette’s aura and revealing her fear was good to see and mentioning how Bridgette still loves animals which is something they’d both bond over, Maybe if you get the Phobia Factor challenge Dawn could be used to reveal everyone’s fears this time,just a thoughtalso her insulting Amy is always great to see though I feel like Scarlett will cause Dawn’s elimination due to her sensing her real intentions.

Chase or Tyler may get cut due to injury knowing them, I feel like one will try to out-do the other, The island being fake is already feeling like its gonna be better than canon which is nice since its such a cool concept, Scary Girl hating her name is something nice to add to the character, little things like that always improves people, plus I’d like to see it in the upcoming S2 of Island, Amy using a douche character like Chase is something I see her doing, DakotaBrick feel like they could be a fun comedic duo based off their one or two interactions.

Dawn x Damien is something I can see happening as Damien is quite panicky and Dawn being there to calm him makes a lot of sense, plus they’re both genuinely good people, Bowie scheming to get out popular contestants is smart as he knows how they could be threats and float to the finale, Surprised a Heather moment didnt happen during the last challenge but the biggest thing was Geoff going so early and being booted cause of Bowie is certainly shocking and im pretty surprisedguess no more GidgetteLooking forward the Awake-Athon too!
5/5/2023 c3 Gucci Mane LaFlare
Nice job.
I really liked how you wrote Geoff here, shame to see him go so early.
Also Tyler doing horrible at his challenge was expected, even if it was extreme sports.
I feel like Dawn's aura reading abilities are only gonna get her in more trouble.
I honestly thought Dakota would leave here, I won't be surprised if she leaves soon. Also I like that you tied in the Dakotazoid name here, you did it creatively.
Also I feel like Katie and Sadie better step up during the next few challenges or they'll be sent home by their teams pretty quickly.
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