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for May the Force be With You or Should You Listen to Your Heart?

9/10 c5 Kiritoisawsome997
Great so far
9/1 c5 Jostanos
Sadly I haven't gotten that far yet in KH3, Sci. I haven't played any of the "KH on Cloud" series in a long time, and I do not know when I may get back into playing them. :P

Please continue when you may, Sci.

I am curious.. what color was/is Sora's Kyber crystal?
8/31 c4 Jostanos
Please continue when you may, Sci.
I wonder when Riku and Sora may meet up. *shrugs* Not important for now. :)
7/23 c4 Guest
Good boy Sora and Riku having the closest to normal possible before things start going wrong.
4/28 c2 Jostanos
Sci, you have written another wonderful chapter that was a joy to read and review. Thank you. :)
Congrats on getting that new laptop!
4/25 c1 Kadzuki Kurokami
Will Riku be able to ransom Dooku and make him his apprentice and adopted son? I think Sora will become a very powerful Jedi, much stronger than Anakin. It would be cool if he could tear apart entire armies and ships with his telekinesis.
4/21 c1 Jostanos
Ok.. What the frell.. Riku and his family were captured by slavers?
Who did they get sold to? May Anakin be able to help them in one way or another?
May the Jedi be able to help them a little later on?
What may happen next?

The answers to these questions and more may be answered in the next chapter of:

May the Force be with you, or: You should listen with your heart.

STAY TUNED! *eye smiles*
4/20 c1 2Seth A. Mincberg
Well... I'm hooked. MORE!
Seriously though, this may be one of your best opening chapters. I could really feel the emotion of each character here. Especially the fear and indecision from Riku and Anakin in that last segment. Well done!

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