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for Darkest Before Dawn

11h c12 King0fP0wers
Bro, stop it already with those cringy nicknames! XD
14h c23 Troglodyte08
I see some trees and a large garden with nothing in it
9/26 c23 Guest
A burn pit for the bodies
9/22 c23 Nameless Godless
Him working with his Quirk is the absolute highlight of the series.

And I'm strangely excited about his future apartment. Waiting for it to become the ultimate zen place.
9/22 c23 FateBurn
good chapter
9/22 c23 E
Say I was wondering about something, if they got that spy then does that mean the attack on the school camp isn’t going happen because LOV wouldn’t know where the students and teachers are at and that means there might not be a battle between All Might and All For One or at the very least that is being pushed a bit more later in the future.

Then again it still might happen given that the attack on the camp in canon might have made the heroes move on LOV’s headquarters faster.

Maybe am imagining things but Toru and Momo might like Kazuki but it is too early to tell at this point, I think Kazuki would benefit the most with Pro hero training from training with Rumi and it isn’t because I want to pair them granted there is a small part of me that want that as I think he would benefit a lot from having his body get stronger from training with Rumi and get better used to negativity due to Rumi’s natural attitude so he can control himself and his Grimm better plus he is going need to train to summon stronger Grimm and I see Rumi pushing him to do that as she is tough enough to handle them if he start going out of control and know to not push too hard.
9/22 c23 11BiazarKaiser
he's going to be a combative therapist isn't he?
9/22 c23 Gr8Wh1te
Can see the courtyard of my block of flats out the window
9/22 c23 Guest
Love it
9/21 c23 DrgnDrake
I don't, actually. I have a window A/C unit and above that a blackout curtain. Since I sleep during the day it's necessary.
9/21 c23 Koutabr123
i always see the Grimm that Kazuki Normally makes in a Sukuna's Ten Shadows invocation
Now i am going to always see the Nice Grimm in a Megumi Ten Shadows Invocation
9/21 c23 Aren Gisly
9/21 c23 8Wolfking0811
I enjoyed reading this cool down chapter. I’m curious to find out who this secret pen pal is. Based on this latest conversation, I’m leaning towards Spinner, but I want to avoid jumping to conclusions.
9/21 c23 ThunderBasilisk
RQ: I see a Rat eating a cat.

Awesome chapter. Glad his chibi Grimm got a positive response.
9/21 c23 5Monkey D. Conan
Nicely done. The continued setup and character focus gives room for plenty of growth. The girls reactions to the Beowulf puppies were both expected and perfectly executed. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
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