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5/31 c16 Djinn
Great new chapter.
5/31 c16 Samuel Santillan
muy bien eso me intriga quien es la segunda persona que los observaba, owen es descartado porque no creo que pueda mantenerse sigiloso en ese momento.

sabes podrias usar retos de la serie fear factor para tus desafíos en proximod capítulos, podrian hacer las cosas mas interesante.

eva duro mucho y se lucio pero lo malo es que era una jugadora muy fuerte y no tenia alanzas por eso decidieron que era mejor eliminarla ahora.

sabes si vas a hacer que izzy muestre de su inteligencia a nivel de genio en el programa ella podria ser el comodín de esta temporada, ya que nadie esperaria que la chica loca comenzara a jugar con inteligencia en este punto del juego

pon a izzy, gwen heather y dawn en el harem de naruto.
5/31 c16 12DarkShadowRaven
Wow, that is a great twist with Izzy and Lashawna playing more strategically.

I also really like that Heather decided not to vote for Naruto. That was kind of sweet. Although njnĵher other target was Eva who would undoubtedly not hesitate in kicking her butt unlike Naruto.

I liked pretty much everything about this!

Chef using that chainsaw on hair has to he one of the most girl centric challenge. What was he going to do to the guys give them a shave with a electric sander?

Fs in the chat for Eva. I would have liked to see her and Naruto exchange a real hug but I guess they weren't there yet.

A few chapters left. I wonder who is going to get unfairly eliminated? That is going to be someone's ticket out before the game ends...

I had this thought that if Gwen had been the one to get the haircut challenge at the end she would have done it, her best friends at home have extreme haircuts, Gwen would have done it for the money, even Owen probably...
5/14 c15 willyXD
Genial otro cross de Naruto y Total Drama, y me gusta como lo estas llevando, tú Owen me cae mejor q el original, y eso q no estan diferente, felicidades, porq siempre odie a ese personaje.
4/4 c15 Lautaro
Me gusto mucho también me gustaría
un crosover con locos diesiseis
4/4 c15 Guest
Me gusto mu
3/30 c15 Djinn
Great new chapter
3/30 c15 Djinn
Great new chapter
3/29 c15 Guest
hermano que buen capitulo, muchas gracias
3/30 c15 ODAV
Gran episodio hermano me encanto. Mas aun con el crossover de stock guardo con mucho cariño esa serie.
3/29 c15 VicenteVanCoco04
Estubo entretenido y salió de lo normalmente visto en los fics de este Cross over, siempre es bienvenido e interesante expandir el mundo de una serie o varias.
3/29 c15 DarkShadowRaven
That was an amazing chapter. I really like that you went a bit against my expectations and although I love Emma, I really like what you did with Lo, that was really cute.
I hope you make followup on this and bring Naruto and some characters back. Maybe because Chris wants to save money, he moves the eliminated campers to the Richmond hotel and we see Naruto (if he is eliminated before the finale) spend time in Richmond Hotel and with Emma and Lo and the others. (At least to catch the last episode "Gromfest" which I think is a great finale or setup for a future season that never got made).

That being said Naruto and Lo were a cute couple for a special chapter. I really like the chemistry with Emma, you can kind of tell that they are each other's backup if things go south for their relationships. They are just good friends about it though.

I can't wait to see how Heather and Gwen react when Owen inadvertently spill the beans on their little weekend adventure.

All in all this was a great chapter. 3 of my favorite rewatchable series that I watch with pleasure in a single chapter. I loved it.

There should be one good Naruto x Stoked crossover story. I liked the slice of life vibe from that series.
3/29 c15 Samuel Santillan
fue un capitulo increible me encanto, lo disfrutre mucho.
habra mas capitulo como este done naruto se encuentre con sus otros amigos.
como reaccionara heather y gen cuando se enteren que naruto es muy ppular entre lsc hicas sobre todo con una inda surfista millonaria
2/26 c14 Djinn
Great new chapter.
2/24 c14 Guest
Me gusto mucho esté episodio
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