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for Caged Birds (The Dance of Miorine Rembran)

9/16 c1 luvnanofate
I really tried to follow this story, but when there are paragraphs after paragraphs of dialog between two characters which is like word salad on heroin it makes paragraph one after another seem a repeat of gibberish from this Lalya Rei character that honestly I had to skip ahead because dialog kind of kept repeating itself. And then Miorine falls in love with this Lalya girl, woman, we never really get any answers, and who knows how Suletta goes from getting her mother a drink to being an exotic stage statue or dancer. I am trying not to sound harsh, so I assume I must not have the type of artistic brain to understand this story and that would not be the first time. I did try, but us right-brain people have no sense of creativity, I've been told! LOL

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