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for A What If Wake-Up Call

6/27 c1 Guest
I LOVE this story! Thank you!
6/6 c1 dpmancill
Nicely done. I wish E would actually wake up to how superficial and rotten she's become, but would probably be too little too late. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
5/2 c1 Jacki Foster
A great story! If only that had been the way the show had gone! Evidently the show did not care about being historically accurate, because a single woman would never have gone on an overnight trip with a single man without being chaperoned-much less mauling each other on the bridge in the full view of everyone in town! I can’t believe the show really messed up such a wholesome tv show! But reading your story helps me to get all of the frustrating things out and hopefully I can soon put That Show out of my mind-and just live in WCTH fanfics-which gives me hope! Great story! Thank you for letting us feel like we have let steam off about how bad TPTB messed the show up!
4/30 c1 Guest
I love this story. I could have seen this as a longer story. A groundhog day scenario. Elizabeth doing the same day over and over until she gets it right
4/30 c1 Margaret Redmon
Well that was amazing. I had no idea all of that was a dream, I was so excited to hear Nathan say all of those things to Elizabeth and Lucas. My only question, was Elizabeth sleeping sitting up at the kitchen table or had she laid her head down on the table. She really must have been sound asleep. I did really enjoy the dtream story though. I really would have loved to see that happen
5/2 c1 Ann Power-Wolfe
Oh dang it was just a dream...I was so into the story and couldn't wait to hear what Bill was going to say! Very well done!
5/1 c1 4heather4cu
This was absolute gold. I was not expecting that ending but I love it.
4/30 c1 belinda.ross.7
So good, so good, so good!
4/30 c1 Jmbwcth
Bravo! Well told, and I love how Lucas & Elizabeth were held accountable for their actions. And I’m renaming the show, thanks to Nebula2 Lynn, to… When Money Buys the Heart….. which is what happened to the show now.
4/30 c1 Guest
Excellente histoire. Je ne m'attendais certainement pas à ce que se soit un rêve. Si seulement, la série était allée comme ton histoire, çà aurait été formidable.
4/29 c1 Karen Martin
THIS was wonderful! I'm so glad someone finally wrote the dream scenario so many of us hoped to see on the screen.
4/29 c1 Guest
What a PERFECT story! Thank you for making things right.
4/29 c1 Rene
Written well. Sorry the show didn’t go in that direction but it’s just a show-I’ve resigned myself to what they have done. Thanks for the story.
4/29 c1 JILLIAN
4/29 c1 Guest
If only! Absolutely brilliant. ️
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