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for Setting a Shattered Gem

5/25 c1 12Cyan Quartz
You really played with my expectations there, at the end. I thought Clockwork was going to do in the end what the Far Frozen did, but creepier. Kinda like the usual. but you did something completely different, that tied the whole fic together.

A lot of interesting stuff in the other timelines. Really want to know what the end goal with the Box Ghost was. Like, was Danny trapped forever in Cardboard? Was the box going to infinitely get boxed up? What would he do with it?


Would Boxy do that to just anyone, or only his enemies? Would he do it to a stranger with a severe mobility disability, just going about their day? What would it feel like to lose an epic struggle to cardboard? Why does that sound like a fetish?

Under what conditions does this behavior manifest (the infinite reverse-unboxing attack, not the fetish)? It's nefarious in the strangest way. So weird. Now I'm thinking about the boxes being bigger on the inside than they look on the outside.

And NOW I'm thinking of the Box Ghost as Doctor Who, but instead of a Police Box the TARDIS is just a generic Hills Manufacturing triple layer corrugated cardboard box with a flimsy paper slip at the bottom to protect the bottom from opening during lifting. And NOW I'm thinking about what actors would play what 'assistant' guest stars as the seasons play out. Sidney Poindexter played by Mike Myers. And NOW I'm thinking about-
4/29 c1 142Invader Johnny
Well Danny had many different outcomes depending on the ghost he encountered, I’m honestly a bit surprised that Walker was less strict and willing to give Danny a second chance at reform, that’s so unlike him and yet gives a lot of potential evolution for the character and idea as a whole.

I’m not surprised that it’s implied that Vortex killed off Danny and I liked how fatherly both Frostbite and Clockwork were.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.

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