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for Scattered Moments - Part 1

6/11 c8 18She-Elf23
I loved this epilogue. I love how it touched on the way both Din and Grogu have grown to be more at ease with each other and to trust each other (like with the pram). And I absolutely loved the way you ended it to tie into Season 2...great job on this whole thing! (And great job to the editor as well!) Can't wait to read Season 2!
6/4 c7 4J-James
Another great chapter! I truly am loving these extended versions of the TV episodes and "hearing" the internal thoughts of both Din and Grogu. Eagerly awaiting more! :)
6/2 c7 24Mokibobolink
This has got to be my favorite chapter so far. So many amazing moments. Seeing the Cantina incident from Grogu’s point of view, how he became protective of Din because he had saved him and cared for him. That had me in tears. Then Grogu’s reaction to learning Din’s name and hearing the term “fatherso sweet! Loved it all.
6/2 c7 18She-Elf23
Just got caught up on the last two chapters...was actually pretty fitting to read them back to back. Yet again, loved the descriptions and the filling in of gaps. I always love Grogu's perspective of Din...there were so many excellent moments. I think my favorite was surrounding the word "father" and Grogu wondering if he should call the man that. :) TOO CUTE!
5/27 c6 4J-James
I'm really loving these extras to go along with the TV episodes. Love the thoughts and feelings that would be nearly impossible to know when just watching, Can't wait for more! :)
5/26 c5 24Mokibobolink
Another great chapter! Once again it’s nice to get into Din’s head to see what he was thinking during the events of that episode, which is one of my favorites. I like seeing how he continues to grow closer to Grogu. Looking forward to the next update!
5/23 c5 18She-Elf23
Yet again a great chapter. I loved how consistently throughout you conveyed Din's annoyance with the whole setup. Until the end, he really didn't have much going for him and you could tell through his body language how much it irritated him. I loved the part where he instinctively put his hand on Grogu's head without even thinking about it in order to calm him. You do so well slipping in those observations in these scenes. I also love how you keep these chapters more centric on Din and Grogu and their very easily flow through the episode's events but you focus in on the stuff we really want to read. :) Terrific job!
5/20 c4 Nkrisztina100
Today I watched the first season again. Your writings fit so nicely into the series, complementing it, that I look forward to reading more chapters again, to learn more details, to be part of the deepening of their relationship.
5/19 c4 4J-James
I'm really loving these extended looks into what happened in the series. Looking forward to more ! :)
5/17 c4 24Mokibobolink
Another great chapter! I look forward to each one. It’s great to get more insight into what Din was thinking during all of these events. I especially liked how you explained his reasoning for leaving Grogu behind in the ship. He was just doing the best he could under the circumstances.
5/16 c4 18She-Elf23
I'm loving these chapters so much! It's like getting the extended version of the episodes or something. I love the deeper and more intimate look into Din in these chapters as well as Grogu. You're building their relationship so well. I loved how the child realized he missed Din, Din's grouchiness that masked his concern for the kid, and Din's constant care for him. It was fun to have Peli in this chapter and I thought you particularly wrote the scene where she kind of scolds him a bit super well. You very much captured the heart of that scene. Excellent job!
5/10 c3 She-Elf23
Dawwww this chapter was so good! Again, I love the pacing in that you don't dwell too long on the pieces of the episode where we already know what happens, but you embellish the "behind the scenes" bits and give us new stuff. It's fun to think back to when Mando and Grogu were still figuring each other out and to see the beginnings of their bond. I love seeing him grow in these chapters toward becoming the dad that we know and love him to be. Props on a fantastic chapter! Was fun to see Cara too!
5/9 c3 4J-James
I'm thoroughly enjoying these chapters! And I adore when you write in Grogu's POV. Can't wait for the next chapter )
5/8 c3 24Mokibobolink
I really loved this chapter! It was great to have Din’s and Grogu’s thoughts as they stayed on Sorgan. Love seeing Din slowly bonding with Grogu. Great job.
5/5 c2 Mokibobolink
This was great! I loved seeing Din working out what he needed to do to take care of a child. These were moments missing from the show and so nice to see how he’s figuring it all out. I also like how you gave us insight into where he got the satchel for Grogu. Can’t wait for another update!
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