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for Mistakes Were Made

4/25 c1 2Lea RosenWulf
I would love to see more of this story
4/24 c1 1SentinalSlice
This is awesome! Love seeing fem Jaune. And chances are she will end up with maiden powers. I’d love to see that for a change. I hope you update this eventually.
6/13/2023 c1 Viren404
Yay! Your back to writing!
5/2/2023 c1 Chuck B. Winanaki
This one sounds great! Jeanne still has that same hero dream that drove jaune to beacon but i do feel like she may be a little more book smart while jaune was more physically strong.

Blake is a nice blend of monotone and embarressed about needing help, i may be wrong but it also feels like this blake is a lot more trusting right off the bat then his female counter part.

I am definitely looking forward to this one! Definitely want to see how these characters differ from their non genderswap countrrparts.
4/30/2023 c1 Sugarquills26
I’m so pumped for the next chapter. This is gonna be so good.
4/30/2023 c1 Drenosa
Definitely worth a follow.
4/30/2023 c1 ClassyFalcon
Great chapter! Can’t wait to see where this goes

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