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7/3 c1 JHamptonJ21
Next Chapter Please
6/28 c1 DireWolf1412
Interesting concept can't wait for the next chapter of groovy fox.
6/6 c1 waytodawn0
I just realized by the time later events of the third movie happen or possibly earlier depending on how you do it, Naruto will eventually meet his grandfather.
5/18 c1 Guest
Yours is the first, if others weren’t taken down in the past.
5/18 c1 Daua002
Yes more didn’t now I needed it until now
5/17 c1 4Garnetio Solozari
This was really interesting and had a pretty original vibe to it. Give me moar, yeahI refuse to use the word baby in regards to the author for obvious reasons, but the Austin Powers fan in me was sorely tempted)
5/16 c1 Mr2Legit2Quit95
I need more I’m invested in this concept
5/10 c1 seanconnor07
I thought of something. Is it possible that someone in Dr. Evils employed may have been the cause of the cryo accident because austin powers 2 was set in 1969 so when they try to steal austins MOJO they short out the cryo. If so naruto in the second movie could go back to save austin and we could have the three generational spy team in the third movie because basil would want naruto to still be alive. Just a thought.
5/10 c1 lordfyre94
Please add alotta fagina as a wife for Naruto please and some other women as well
5/5 c1 Serpentdragon
I’m digging this concept. Hope to see Naruto Powers embrace some of the retro 60s/70s vibes of his father, and am curious to see how he deals with losing his mojo if/when Dr. Evil steals it
5/2 c1 Guest
like the story idea, can't wait to see how Naruto will do in this universe. I recognised James Bond character and Ama kinda wondering if that is a sign that this will be a multi crossover or just using characters for convenience
5/2 c1 ghust95
ok this was funny one of my fav comedy movies adn one of my fav anime. nice if you can add a archer to this just for kicks
5/2 c1 78Perseus12
My favorite movie Austin Powers is now crossover with Naruto and I'M REALLY EXCITED! *Thumbs UP!* I'll wait to read the next chapter.
5/1 c1 Borello
nice idea
5/1 c1 180Chillman22
Did you have to kill off Austin, couldn't both father and son have some sort of familial bonding or something, also you could have Naruto and Austin do the whole Indiana Jones "I WAS the next man." thing. lol
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