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9/16 c31 22Goldmineempire5
Oh it's the last one? Too bad, I was really enjoying these one shots
9/11 c31 Player Zero
Part 1- Was So Fun, sneaky meet up with Mariam and then Max forgets their supposed to be discreet!

Part 2- OMG Rick, hahaha. And then Mariah just messing with him.

Part 3- My fav! Perfect. Loved Mariam's teasing! And then the jab and smirk when Max finally joined her! So great!

Loved the Whole Series! Can't wait to read more of your stories!
9/3 c30 Player Zero
Love it! Always great to have more Max&Mariam stories.

Fun that its the saint shields helping with the move. (and as a bonus we get more of the ever teasing Joseph!)

I guess if Tyson and the rest of the gang were there, it prob would of devolved in to a massive bey battle!
9/2 c29 56SaberLariat
Simply loved how they teased Emily down.
8/29 c29 22Goldmineempire5
Emily deserves to be a little smug imo
8/28 c29 Player Zero
Nice, its probably just as accurate as any non tennis focused anime. ( I know nothing of tennis ether.)

Always fun having the smug for no reason characters loose.
8/22 c28 Player Zero
Very nice, and fun to go back to earlier times.

Couldn't Help imagining how different characters would have handled getting a teammate or partner to eat / bed.
Hilary would have chose violence to get Tyson moving.
And Mariam wouldn't have any trouble getting Max moving.
8/18 c27 56SaberLariat
You are such a talented writer that it entertains us to read about other characters for a while. Normally, readers and authors here on FFN want to read a story only if it is pertaining to their pairing but you are different. I don't even have to suggest or request or plead like please write TyHil and it's been long...To be honest, TyHil is a precious pairing just like significant others, and it takes a while for good things to come.
8/16 c27 22Goldmineempire5
Nice chapter, and the battles were also well written.
8/14 c27 Player Zero
Nice story. Nice to see Emily involved, and not just like usual as Judy's enforcer.
Mariah would definitely be the team builder of that group.
7/28 c26 Goldmineempire5
I had no idea King and Queen are siblings. is it real? Anyway, their relationship was beautifully enhanced.
7/26 c25 56SaberLariat
Very Beautiful. Wonderful work as always
7/26 c26 Player Zero
Great story.
I agree King would find BEGA really bad.

I can see Queen still being stubborn.
Another match vs Max would knock Queen down a peg again, lol. (Mariam would wipe the floor with her too.)
7/26 c25 Player Zero
Nice and fluffy! I love it!
7/25 c25 77Cutetyhil
This was light, warm and sweet to read. :) Missed reading RaySal.
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