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for The Goblin Rebellion of October 1991

13h c15 keht.jelicho
story has stopped being updated before the titular goblin rebellion actually gets set loose, that's irony
9/7 c15 13Freddie Rindklip
I like where it goes so far. THank you for writing.
9/4 c15 tricorvus
Daaaaaannnnnng, I want more!
I’ll just go read more of your stories
Rock on
9/4 c11 tricorvus
Oh poor Hagrid.
Good girl Gloria
Rock on
9/4 c10 tricorvus
I love your goblins. This story is fantastic. I love the one by one decimation of the death eaters.
9/4 c3 tricorvus
I was so thrilled to find this and what a fun romp it is!
Rock on
8/23 c1 G Fawkes
The student numbers for each year barely add up to fifty, let alone 124.
You have Antonin Dolohov listed among the captured, AND as the only escapee with D.L. Flint.

Now... Finish it. Its good, fun.
8/14 c15 Guest
Is this story complete or abandoned?
8/8 c15 Guest
more please
8/8 c3 Mark
Andromeda & Harry are 2nd cousins based on the relationships described. The children of 1st cousins are 2nd cousins. Nymphadora, Andromeda's daughter, is therefore Harry's 2nd cousin once removed.
James, Earl of Wessex (son of Edward, Duke of Edinburgh), is a 1st cousin to Prince William, Prince of Wales & a 1st cousin once removed to Prince George. Age is not a factor. James & George are about 5 yrs apart, whereas James & William are about 25 yrs apart. If James marries & produces an heir, that child will be a 2nd cousin to Prince George.
1st, 2nd, etc. cousins are determined by the number of generations on each side. Where these are unequal, the degree is that of the last generation which was equal & the number of generations by which they differ from that is the number of removals.
I'm not sure I have explained it clearly and less sure that you care! Still, Sowsbreath was wrong to make Andromeda & Harry 3rd cousins. It doesn't affect the story at all, at least so far.
8/4 c15 Guest
Oooh nice story. Please update.
8/4 c15 14WolfgangNH
This is a hoid story. Hope ot os completed
8/4 c15 darkraven69
This story is amazing. Hope you update soon.
7/30 c15 Lauraf68
Great Story! I just started today and have been on the edge of my seat... I hope Sirius is freed soon. Happy Writing!
7/30 c15 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great story so far. I really like how well the goblins have taken care of Harry and united him with family. Thanks for sharing!
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