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for Cutting it Close

5/15 c1 dpmancill
Nicely done-almost any alternative is more palatable than what we were subjected to by that show. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
5/15 c1 4heather4cu
I read these out of order but this ties perfectly to the dinner chapter
5/3 c1 Karen Martin
Love this version! So much fun to read! Thank you.
5/3 c1 Guest
Awesome story! Thank you!
5/3 c1 Carla barboza
Que boa história .que tal mandar a continuação
Um tipo meio e final de uma fanfick boa de final feliz Nathan e Elizabeth
5/3 c1 Guest
Super, Elisabeth a renoncé à partir avec Lucas. En effet, ce n'était vraiment pas approprié de partir avec lui sans chaperon.
5/2 c1 Guest
This is great. :) love it! Much better!
5/2 c1 Guest
Brilliant. ️
5/2 c1 3BeccaKay64
LOVE it!
5/2 c1 184nebula2
Okay, so as I had an idea of what this was about and I know I am not touching the wood chopping scene, I went ahead and read this one. Somehow, I could imagine Lucas doing only one hotel room. I like that Bill called about to check on her.

Good for Elizabeth - figuring out that going with Lucas was a bad idea. Though her not going simply because Jack had gotten sick could have worked too.

Ah, Nathan - just jumping to conclusions. No Elizabeth out and about and no Bouchard - must have went together to Union City. Well at least some wood got choped. I am sure it was a show for someone and good excercise.

Loved Bill's advice about what to do with the wood as well as his ending advice. That - "can I stop you?" question was perfectly executed though the answer is undoubted no.

Hope to see the companion piece to this! Nicely done!
5/2 c1 8Missela
What a gem Nathan is for warning Elizabeth of Lucas' intentions. One suite booked for Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard. Whew, she dodged a bullet. Thanks to Nathan.

Bill gives excellent advice and is an overall good friend to Nathan. Chopping wood, digging out Nathan's frustrations, and finally relaying the truth. Elizabeth is home. Nursing a sick Jack. Thanks for this! That last bit of advice was significant, too!

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