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3/7 c3 SMB
You've got two different stories going again in the same story. Are you a f**king moRon? Chapter to chapter the characters have no F8*king clue what they did or who they know. You did shit years ago with Hermione and now they only know each other for a few days? F**king pathetic.
2/7 c3 5RT89
Doesnt match first two chapters.
2/4 c5 1Lunar Snorkack
Hello again

Ok, just finished chapter 5, and I see that you have attempted what appears to possibly be multiple time resets.

So, please ignore my previous message.

I would note that there was no lead-in to let the reader know that Dumbles was using a time-turner (that was supposedly retrieved by the goblins in the first place) that is supposedly (ala canon) able to send a single person back in time to reset the time stream, and that Harry - somehow - was able to take files and a recording device with him that had not previously been mentioned that he possessed in the story.

This left me thinking, WTF?

If you do a re-write, I hope you can flesh out what I see as inconsistencies.

The story definitely has potential.
2/4 c3 Lunar Snorkack

Can you re-review the first three chapters of this story?

In the 3rd chapter, you have Kreature being able to tell Hermione about the locket, while in an earlier chapter you had Harry destroying the locket with fiendfyre.

1/3 c5 HoneyBear84
love it
12/28/2023 c5 gginsc
What the hell is this? This could be a good story if you cleaned it up. Why did Harry go back in time only to be destroyed by muggles? Your story makes no sense.
12/24/2023 c1 Guest
It's been a very disjointed story. Sorry, not up to your usual standard
12/25/2023 c5 Jemma Blackwell
This story was very disjointed and to no real end. Plot lines running everywhere and not much back-story on any event. You said Harry had a near death experience, so that was pretty important, but not explained at all. It was never explained how Harry could be moved through time from Dumbledore using the time turner. Then throw in an attack at the end? It seemed like that's all you wanted the story to be about.
12/23/2023 c5 Hands Off MY Wolfie
I guess that is the result of not really policing yourself, not punishing the wrong-doers and not cleaning up your messes.

Hopefully, those spared will be able to right the ship, but may take a very long time.

Thanks for sharing.
11/20/2023 c2 Guest
This story must have been written by a child , absolutely ridiculous,
11/20/2023 c4 Hands Off MY Wolfie
Dumbles is in a world of trouble for actions against Lord Potter. Too many people with the law behind them and power as an official have been investigating what Harry has mentioned about his younger and current life. The goblins have also taken on Dumbles and his [illegal?] actions, but kept him out of the vaults all along.

Harry now leading double life, with a much better chance of correcting the bad events. It will be fun to see him alter what he wants to improve; he has already started to fix them.

Thanks for sharing.
11/20/2023 c4 Mione70
You should really reread your story. At first you tell Harry knows stuff. The horcurx in Grimmauld was already dealt with and Kreature and Walburga talked with him. You need to fix your story telling. Harry already had his stuff that was stolen by his account manager. This story is confusing because Hermione had know Harry since she was little.
11/20/2023 c1 virginiademeritt
How was Dumbledore able to reset time when the Potter items, including the Potter time turner, were recalled in the previous chapters. Dumbledore even complained about it.
9/22/2023 c3 2Stacey's Universe
Loving how this story is going, dumbles already in trouble hehe
9/19/2023 c3 Baboy Ako
It almost seems as if chapter 3 was written before chapters 1 and 2, as some of the stuff in 3 was already covered.
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