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9/17/2023 c2 Havel the Hebel
gunpowder exist in GS world, so they should have known what it is when the black Smith test it despite the foreign shape and mechanic.

other than that, keep it up.
9/9/2023 c2 Guest
Aw shit, I guess their gonna go talk to the horny scientist in chapter 3!
9/8/2023 c2 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
The Fortress of Doom is called a Fortress because it's a command station for the King of the Knight Sentinel Army. They christened it in the name of their now final king, the Doomslayer. Hence the name.

Yes, it does and should have a living space and a barracks for at least 20 people in its glory days because it was a proper fort. A teleporting space port. No, it doesn't fly.

The Slayer should have encountered a myriad of worlds that were all undersiege by the demons while he is in his crusade before the beginning of 2016. Stopping those threats as his reason for staying in Hell is also for stopping their invasions.

Argenta does have magical abilities. No need to make it sound alien. The only difference here is that they know how theirs work. Using the mana expelled from the Wraiths to cast their spells. Like Blood Punch. Slayer's own is special. Mostly because he is a God unknown to him that he always was since birth. And in consiquence, several magnitudes stronger.

Being able to kill invulnerable beings like the Khan Mayker.

Slayer is also insanely fast. Capable of traversing in a place where dimensions as a concept is null and void because it's actually alive. A person. In short, his speed is in the incalculable levels. Lore-wise, the Slayer is not just fighting huge demons, he is also fighting against Kaijus. The ones in that you can see that are walking in the background. And it's not like fighting the icon.

I'm taking about ripping and tearing them. Like punching and dislodging their bones from their sockets, tearing sinews and pulping the entire thing.

Also the Slayer had a son. There's a pucture of his wife and son. Daisy is most likely the family pet. A gift to his son.

The Argentians as people improve their old tech. This is why they still are wearing medieval armor, housing, and weaponry. They upgrade their weapons not just for necessity, but also for tradition. Most likely for initiation. This is why the Slayer's shotgun is upgraded. It is the same shotty in the old doom games.

They in their medieval era, were adept enough in using magic, that when they got into their iron age, (smelting and making iron weaponry.) They beat up their own Kaiju's, the violent Ancestrals.

And yes, I do think that those huge titans are also one of the reason why the Sentinels exists. And why they improve their old weapons. Theoretically they can't afford to throw old technology because materials would be in short supply due to how often their supply lines were cut off from fending off against basically super amped up King Kongs until they got technologically advanced enough to produce their Robot Titans.

Yes. I read and comprehend the codex. Maykers are fate weavers and Primevals are Singular Entities.

Beings that does not have any alternate versions or past and present versions. They're Realm Guardian deieties. Often only existing in a single universe (timelines included.) with undying love to their people.

This undying love is why Davoth and Slayer moved above and beyond to protect them. For Davoth, it's making them immortal, for Doomslayer, it's going through perpetual torment.
9/8/2023 c1 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
They took another God's favorite toy.

In exchange for a young lass with blond hair similar to his long dead wife. For babysitting.

Two people are going to have the hilt and staff up their ass. And that's not the Slayer and the Priestess.

On another note, the Slayer would have to be gentle because he might break her like a snowman. Last time he tried, he choked a guy with his own ID.
9/3/2023 c2 187
Of course, of all the people alive it had to be the chick who started a whole religion around The Slayer. Well, this is gonna be fun to read I'm just glad this isn't dead!
9/3/2023 c2 Dr Proby
I'm curious as to why the slayer is being nerfed. The slayer is being blinded, and out ran by a small girl. with or without his helmet, the light really shouldn't have affected him. He's able to dodge lightning and meteors but is having difficulty catching up to her in his own fortress? This only makes me question and concerned about this fiction already
7/1/2023 c1 1AsrielDreemr
When’s the next chapter I love the idea of this!
5/22/2023 c1 M93 Black Arrow
Considering that the Hell Priests could keep the Doom Slayer’s Super Shotgun hidden in a remote location — a "relic from his past" (and most likely the one he acquired as the Doom Marine in 1993 rather than the one in 2016)…

Yeah, my money’s on the Demons of Hell, especially their Dark Lord, making their presence known to Illusion and Truth… and burning their entire tabletop game to ashes (and that’s before those two are tortured into becoming more fuel for the 'Argent Energy Production Machine').
5/9/2023 c1 Lieutenant Gate
We gonna do some good ol' fashion Godslaying boys!
5/5/2023 c1 187
Well this is gonna be interesting.
5/3/2023 c1 Guest
The gods are going to pay for this
5/3/2023 c1 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
Well they're definitely gonna die.

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