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for The Good Life (WC - The Boys)

9/28 c18 Tony McNucklz devotion? Was that supposed to be fanatical devotion?

Man, if ever there was a world to choose the villain side of the line, you picked the right one. It's quite enjoyable seeing him attack the heroes and vought. I especially enjoyed his chat with Stormfront. Him not actually having a cause clearly unbalanced and even frightened her a bit, a completely alien worldview to her own purpose based actions.

He seems to be somewhat inspired by the Joker, which I wholeheartedly approve of in this situation. What do the heroes do when there is no Batman to counter Joker's insanity? When the heroes are as much agents of chaos as Joker, how do they respond or counter him?

I keep coming back to that magnificent line from the Nolan seriesSome men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men, just want to watch the world burn." It's a mentality that runs directly anathema to coporate concepts like bottom lines, stock value, the very culture of big business itself, even corrupt business. Hell, corrupt business is even more dedicated to Order and Control in some respects, since that is what allows them to get away with their misdeeds. The chaos of our boy is an utterly alien concept to such people, despite being used to covering up and riding herd on supes, their capes are still governed by rational goals like sex, drugs, and money. Vices that allow Vought to keep overall control. Heartless though, is a beast they have no real experience handling.

I think Stormfront in particular would hate and fear him. The basis of her mentality is complete control and domination. Chaos for the sake of chaos would be anathema to her.
9/27 c15 Tony McNucklz
Money is actually quite gross. better to do a champagne bath.
9/26 c10 Tony McNucklz
Well... way to outstripe canon's dunking on Annie in the beginning. Jesus. I assume it's Cinder's phone, that she didn't just hand Law that sort of thing.
9/26 c8 Tony McNucklz
Also, it would be one hellova move for him to invest into Asami's business and get access to the robots. use them as a way to supplant Heroes on the market, nd of course skim some for himself by stealing from some shipments.
9/26 c8 Tony McNucklz
Oh that was good. A magnificent message, and the chat with Stan and more importantly how he tarnished Vought and Knows about Victoria while getting an exact understanding of Homelander's speed, yes this was extremely productive, and truly destabalizes things. One thing I never got on the show was whether armor pirecing bullets could hurt supes. Normal soft lead might be laregly useless, but what about the shit meant to pierce the metal whose durability supes are compared to?

Seems Law is going to need to work on his combat skills. His tricks worked, but that will only last so long. He needs to up his combat skills. He could easily pattern himself on Nightcrawler, popping about, striking quick and moving imediately.
9/26 c5 Tony McNucklz
Fascinating, it sets up a dynamic between him and Homelander thta draws direct parallels with Joker and Batman. Absolutely Fascinating.
9/24 c18 Michael Morningstar
Honestly if I was law I'd post Cinder's nudes just to see how her arrogant ass reacts lol

Great chapter
9/22 c18 Kalstorm99
Great chapter, wonder what law would think of Robin's "assets".
9/22 c18 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
9/22 c18 myafroatemydog
Kinda hope heartless “saves” starlightsamn good chapter
9/22 c18 Gilgardia
Reading this is so much fun.
9/22 c18 PasiveNox
great chapter nice niec
9/22 c17 RuneFather
9/17 c17 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
9/17 c17 1Gtopia
The couple made from hell. I can literally feel V-Earth's chances of surviving slowly dying.
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