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for Dinner Re-Done

5/14 c1 dpmancill
Nicely done. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
5/12 c1 4heather4cu
This was a different approach. It shows Elizabeth how much Nathan cares and also easily gets Lucas out of the picture. Well done.
5/7 c1 Guest
J'aime bien cette histoire.
5/6 c1 Karen Martin
Your note about one of the town gossip has me laughing. I enjoyed what Bill said to E at the end. it was so sweet and thoughtful of all 4 of them to do what they did for E and LJ.
5/6 c1 Margaret Redmon
Great fix it fic...will there be more chapters or is this a one and done story. I loved it, that Nathan is something else. He is capable of taking care of and fixing just about everything. Everyone needs a Nathan in their life. I wish I had a Nathan. Nathan wouldn't be able to do all that he does without his side kick, Allie though. All he has to do is speak and she gets down to business. He can look at her and she reads his eyes or he can touch her and she knows what he means by his touch. She is an amazing young lady. Nathan has really done a great job with her. And she is so sweet too. Also Bill is always there ready to help him with anything he needs, along with Rosemary and Molly! Agaim this was a fun read! I would enjoy some more chapters in this story!
5/6 c1 Guest
Love this! Thank you!
5/6 c1 Carla barboza
Bem que podia ter continuação
Imagino a cara do Nathan sempre q olhar pra ela agora q viu parte do corpo ele não sonhar com essa mulher
Afinal ele é apaixonado por ela
5/6 c1 8Missela
I like it! Not what Nathan imagined in "Cutting it Close" but good. He was able to help her and get reinforcements to help her. Wouldn't it be nice to have food delivered, laundry done, and dishes done each time your kids are sick? And of course, if there is more than one child they are usually sick one right after the other. I'm glad that Nathan was concerned and went in. And that they helped. I agree with Bill. Next time, the reinforcements may be already living with them!
5/6 c1 20pn1thrasher
This was really nice and I enjoyed it. I loved how Lucas got caught in a lie.
5/6 c1 mnkipper
Very good story. please continue!
5/6 c1 SaSeLi777
Awww! I love this! Nathan doesn’t stutter when it comes to the health and well-being of ‘the town.’ And he was so smart to enlist appropriate help. I loved how Allie took charge of the linens, understanding even at her young age, that help requires action. So sweet!
5/6 c1 184nebula2
Awwww...what an adorable little domestic scene. Loved your reasoning with Molly, though I am glad she wasn't in her 'try to diagnose illness' mode like when she first started at the infirmary. Carson would have been called back for sure.

So, Nathan and Allie caught Lucas in a lie huh? That was kind of sweet justice!

Loved how they all pitched in to help out with housework for the exhausted Elizabeth and then made themselves comfortable for the night. I wonder who was winning the 'who is going to cook breakfast' argument. I can so picture Bill and Molly do so thought.

Loved Bill's tiny push toward Nathan for Elizabeth. So wished he had done a little more pushing with her on the show.

Glad you posted this!

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