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for Of Love and Bird People

1/2/2015 c2 18Professor of Gallifrey
Awesome! Please continue! When are you going to update?
2/25/2009 c2 VampireArgonian92
Six.*bleeping*. Years. When are you going to update? Heck you haven't updated any of your stories for years! At least let us know your still alive. _
4/23/2006 c2 Kchan
WHY DON'T YOU UPDATE? I wanna know how it ends...
1/27/2005 c2 telly's biggest fan
TWO YEARS! I'VE BEEN WAITING TWO FRIKIN YEARS FOR A CHAPTER! please udpate, ur killin me! screw that one girl with wanted to thwack you on the head *chases the flamer with a saucepan* STAY AWAY FROM GOOD FICS, YA HERE? *to you* oh, please update! or I will DIE!
6/29/2004 c2 sareia1992
And your'e just going to LEAVE it there?

What the crap! WHY?

...Are you dead?
1/23/2004 c2 Zerachiel
*Restrains self from smacking author in head* This is just plain WRONG! For one thing, Medli is only 12 at the most and Quill is about 22! That's sick! Keep within the age limits. It's okay if you do something romantic with Komali and Medli, or Link and Tetra, or whatever. But c'mon, the age difference stinks. Also, I'm practically IN LOVE with Quill! How could you do that? *whaps Medli away* Remember this: Quill is MINE! MINE I SAY!
9/17/2003 c2 Jenryu
OMGI Quill is like, my FAVOURITE character in the entire game! (except for maybe Tetra) But...a fifteen year old and eighteen year old...together? Hmm...it's a bit odd, but it's a good story!
8/9/2003 c2 14Tokyo Rabbit
Well, I was really excited about this story, but eglack. Everyone is so out of character, it's hard to stand. Your style of writing otherwise is not that bad, but stil. And the pairing idea is odd in a good way, but I just can't finish it. Sorry.
7/30/2003 c1 Ralph Bellamy
I don't agree with the pairing of Quill and Medli. To tell you the truth, I'm in love with Medli. If I could I would kick Quill's butt. My penname is Yami Yoshi but I haven't put up a fic. I guess I should save my "flamethrower" for something that needs it. My first fic will have me and Medli together. Check ya' later!
7/30/2003 c2 1Pint-Size Kimimaro
Hahahahaha! Quill drunk? Now *that's* something I would pay to see! [faves story] Love it to pieces!
7/17/2003 c1 ZFreek
Very interesting. Put up chapter 2 soon! ;)
7/11/2003 c1 Pint-Size Kimimaro
Hey, this story looks really good so far! ^_^ It's well-written, and Komali's thoughts are funny to boot! You gotta love the Rito, right? Heh. Anyway, keep it up!
7/10/2003 c1 6Kirby-lover74
I dont reallylike your story but I am sure that some people do. I think that the begining of your story is a bit hard to understand

Keep on writing: Kirby-lover74

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