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7/11 c1 3Sakurako Nagasaki
Great start
Poor Danny his friend really tried their best to show him that there was something wrong with the internship

Test tube babies?!
Where they made from the same sample or different one?
It would be so funny if the DNA used was from different heroes
5/19 c1 Guest
Quite funny. The premise is good, and I'd be interested in seeing it developed. You probably went a little too far here and there, but it was a fun read, so fair enough. If you were to develop this, I would suggest keeping Sam and Tucker more in character if you want to take Danny in this weird direction, to provide a ground wire and keep the weirdness from escalating to the point of being tiresome. I would also suggest keeping Jazz, Jack, and Maddie at their canon weird level, keeping in mind that that is pretty exceptionally weird already (Jazz in particular, with her weirdness always unexpectedly flashing from behind her attempts at normalcy). I liked your Lex and thought the explanation for why he hired Danny was unexpectedly reasonable and well thought out.

Thanks for writing.
5/17 c1 29PhantomWorks- Stories division
Wait I need answers now, did Jazz start planning involuntary Human Drug Trials when Danny was 5, or did she start performing them? Great story either way, I love 'Danny and Jazz are only normal in comparison to their parents but are still pretty eccentric in their own right' stories
5/13 c1 10Zer Author
Oh, I love this. It was a little out-of-character, especially the mad science bits, but I really loved the energy and enthusiam at play in this story, especially when you brought Vlad up. That just, total surprise right here, but it made *so much sense*. I could practically feel Danny going, 'God-damn it fruit loop, what did you do this time?!'
5/8 c1 ReflectiveReader
Lol, Danny you must have been at least a little willfully ignorant on this internship! I'd love to see more of what you get up to. Part of me expects at least a few villains, maybe some interns, to want to protect the young and innocent, yet brilliant highschooler. At the same time, that youthful innocence combined with the chaos that surrounds Danny is bound to terrify someone.
5/8 c1 28kazikamikaze24
This is funny and amazing. Fantastic job with this one!
5/8 c1 12Akakiru
Test tube baby... Will be a comedy when Lex does a DNA test
5/7 c1 142Invader Johnny
Well I'll say that Danny meeting Lex Luthor must have bring bad memories, especially when Vlad was brought up, Danny just had bad luck with billionaires and yeah Sam and Tucker will never let him forget his bad call on the internship working for ad Sam called Lex "Bald Vlad".

Invader Johnny Signing Off.

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