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for Mist and Maelstroms

5/18 c38 Guest
Awesome chapter yet again Can't wait to read more So please update again soon as possible thanks. The sooner the better would be appreciated please and thanks.
5/8 c10 agnar
nope, sorry but this fight sucks ass. Firstly, Naruto suddenly gets a bunch of training and more jutsu and the sword. But then in nearly every fucking fight since then, he decides he's a swordsman only and doesn't even know the fucking shadow clone?

He's TOLD not to let hidan get his blood, so what is his solution? Let's go fight him head on with a sword! DUH! Don't make a bunch of clones and shoot jutsu at him, don't hand off the sword to a clone to fool him into thinking it's the real one, nope. Lets just forget ALL of our jutsu that DON'T put us in direct stabbing/biting range against the guy whose only real attack is getting his opponents BLOOD!

All so you can toss in this shitty ass armor he shouldn't fucking NEED?
5/5 c5 Zero4590
The party was awesome
5/5 c4 Zero4590
Chapter 4. Yes Kakashi. You did.
5/4 c37 Guest
Awesome chapter yet again Can't wait to read more So please update again soon as possible thanks.
5/1 c3 Guest
Sasuke will never stop being an asshole, I never understand what Sakura saw on him to the point to become rogue nin as well.
5/1 c12 kingpj999
I think you should remove Chojuro and Ao from the characters' tag and put Kisame and Itachi since both of them have a lot more of screen time. Hell, they are practically main characters alongside with Naruto and Mei
5/1 c5 kingpj999
Man I love this kind of stories where the author doesn't take things too seriously. Itachi, Kisame and Naruto talking while dinking some whiskey was a nice touch.
4/26 c1 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Dude, you say "saidc waaaaay to many times. It actually detracts from the story.
4/24 c17 Username6166
How does Zetsu not recognise a bijuudama?
4/24 c12 Username6166
This fic would've been astronomically better without the generic cringy bashing fic tropes where no one has common sense
4/24 c11 Username6166
Weird that Kurama would refer to Matatabi as Nibi while he calls the Nanabi by its real name.
4/21 c36 Guest
Awesome chapter man yet again, can't wait to read more so please update against soon as possible please and thanks. And PS the sooner the better would be appreciated. Thanks
4/22 c10 football78
There is no way Kakuzu would last 10 seconds against Itachi
4/21 c36 27InsaneMakaioshin
Naruto sees the future.
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