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7/13 c45 Guest
Very good story.
7/12 c45 volcasiron30
thanks for completing this story
7/9 c43 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep up the awesome work and I will see you next time.
7/5 c42 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter man keep it up and I will see you next time you update thanks.
7/5 c42 Krieger Techpreist
Kick his teeth in Naruto
7/1 c5 steve
wow they beat sasuke like a prison snitch sweet
7/1 c1 steve
how can he split the clones into 4 groups of ten when he only made 39 clones total
6/24 c41 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter yet again man keep it up and update again soon as possible thanks.
6/19 c14 tuda404
im loving this story, but only thing that bums me out is this version of kurama, this version of him is just a piece of shit lol, definitely a version of him that should be sealed away and the key destroyed
6/17 c4 Delta3950
I really hope one of the off-screen things you had Mei and Ao help Naruto with was his d&d, that is to say, detection and dispelling of Genjutsu.
6/15 c40 thor94
good chapter, so sasuke got another power up.
I think it would be time that you also give naruto his own true godlike power-up for himself.
and by "his own" i means NOT RELATED TO KYUUBI or sage mode like in the canon manga.
Naruto deserve to unlock a TRUE godlike family ancestor genetic bloodline at least as powerful and versatile as rinnegan that can be used at naruto will without depending on bijuu or any external factor like senjutsu.
6/6 c29 5plums
Akatsuki being defeated yet surviving every fight is getting kinda old.
5/31 c39 Guest
Great chapter
5/30 c38 62Stormshadow13
Great battles! Love the battle between the swordsman.
5/22 c5 ichika aono
Cracked up laughing at the you still owe me money line when itatchi showed up. Also found it funny he joined in on the blanket party. Granted Sasuke could have gotten it worse. Add padlock to the socks. Granted the dead battery would still hurt worse than oranges, butter, or bar soap.
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