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4/24 c12 Username6166
This fic would've been astronomically better without the generic cringy bashing fic tropes where no one has common sense
4/24 c11 Username6166
Weird that Kurama would refer to Matatabi as Nibi while he calls the Nanabi by its real name.
4/21 c36 Guest
Awesome chapter man yet again, can't wait to read more so please update against soon as possible please and thanks. And PS the sooner the better would be appreciated. Thanks
4/22 c10 football78
There is no way Kakuzu would last 10 seconds against Itachi
4/21 c36 27InsaneMakaioshin
Naruto sees the future.
4/16 c35 62Stormshadow13
Loved it!
4/15 c4 1MonCappy
Are you really Kakashi bashing when he knows he fucked up?
4/14 c35 Zasun
“Blah blah” such and such SAID.

Type CtrlF and search “said” to see how many times you use it per chapter. I’ll tell you, it’s a lot. You don’t always need to follow up any single given dialog with “they said”. Readers can use context clue and infer who is speaking, or you can just phrase it another way.
4/13 c35 Guest
Awesome chapter Can't wait to read more So please continue and update again soon as possible please and thanks.
4/6 c9 1GhostRonin
Fight was over once he got caught by the water prison. Everything else was pushing it, not that I actually care
4/6 c8 GhostRonin
He doesn't have the mark anymore so why's he being taken away? He can use his chakra meaning it's an easy fight
4/6 c7 GhostRonin
Kurama's clearly not in the sword, Naruto would be dead if it was
4/6 c7 GhostRonin
Curse marks don't leave when Orochimaru dies
4/6 c5 GhostRonin
Hinata and Shino are a garbage ship. I like the characters too but just... ugh
3/30 c34 62Stormshadow13
The story is awesome. I love it! I love the humor mix with the action. Looking forward to reading more. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Naruto fan fix.
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