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for Mist and Maelstroms

3/23 c34 Guest
Awesome chapter once again man Can't wait for more
3/24 c34 Krieger Techpreist
I feel bad for Ao sometimes
3/4 c33 27InsaneMakaioshin
1. Zabuza got it back to full length by just killing a few shinobi. Cows have more blood than humans. Why are they already in the double digits?
2. Neither Obito nor Konan are Killer B level. They should've sent more after him.
3/3 c5 1Mephisto-the-demon
This was fucking amazing, im never laughed so hard till i cried over a story before
2/20 c13 Mikeblade
fun read
2/20 c12 Mikeblade
it's so funny the leaf is a ninja village but even in cannon enemies just walked in and out of the place liked they owned it there security sucks ass.
2/18 c10 Guest
Orochimaru uses his own version of horcruxes I think
2/18 c32 Guest
Great chapter man Can't wait to read more So please continue and update again soon as possible please and thanks.
2/17 c1 2BadReader
Off, the grammar and characterization is super rough. The timeline is off for Mei as she kills her Kage after the Chunin Exams, when they're looking for Tsunade. That's why Akatsuki calls things off for 3 years while the Three Tails reforms, but not until then.

She could have gone to Konoha for knowledge on dealing a death blow to a Container, and as a result she ends up training Naruto to better understand Bijuu powers or learns to suppress them. As Konoha would love to kill the Mizukage and weaker the Most village in the process.
2/8 c1 13Write Your Wrongs
Hold up Tenten aint a fangirl o.o
2/5 c1 Mikeblade
yeah i don't care who kakashi thinks he is if i was the hokage and he showed up 3 hours late i would kill him
1/28 c31 Issei Uzumaki
Sasuke fucked around and now he gonna find out
1/27 c31 CO2 Lion
This is getting good cant wait foe what’s next
1/18 c30 Meep123456
1/18 c3 anubis1650
I would guess there's a lot of people who would have a hard time with the start of the story believing that anyone would allow Naruto to be trained by foreign ninjas but I could see it as a possibility just not very likely so I can get past that and I just went with it but I have to be honest the whole missing nin coming in and doing the ceremony in my opinion was just too much and over the top for me. I just can't see people who ran away from their Village and betrayed pretty much everything they were loyal to form some Brotherhood and stay true to it after doing something that like and seriously How would they even be contacted.
Don't get me wrong I don't mind the ceremony part it's just like I said usually becoming a missing nin means you pretty much thrown everything away that you would be loyal too.
Don't get me wrong I'm not going to stop reading or anything I just think this is a glaring issue that should have not been written into the story in my opinion and can see this really making this story go sideways in a bad way.
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