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1/18 c30 Meep123456
1/18 c3 anubis1650
I would guess there's a lot of people who would have a hard time with the start of the story believing that anyone would allow Naruto to be trained by foreign ninjas but I could see it as a possibility just not very likely so I can get past that and I just went with it but I have to be honest the whole missing nin coming in and doing the ceremony in my opinion was just too much and over the top for me. I just can't see people who ran away from their Village and betrayed pretty much everything they were loyal to form some Brotherhood and stay true to it after doing something that like and seriously How would they even be contacted.
Don't get me wrong I don't mind the ceremony part it's just like I said usually becoming a missing nin means you pretty much thrown everything away that you would be loyal too.
Don't get me wrong I'm not going to stop reading or anything I just think this is a glaring issue that should have not been written into the story in my opinion and can see this really making this story go sideways in a bad way.
1/17 c2 1zx20000006
Don’t you think she is getting too close to naruto political alliance or not he is still a ninja from konoha and who knows they might be fighting on opposite sides in the future the romance feels a bit forced she is getting attached too fast for no apparent reason
1/15 c30 Guest
Awesome chapter man Can't wait to read more please update again soon as possible please and thanks.
1/15 c30 Issei Uzumaki
I have no words for that part. I’m dead…. Lmao
12/22/2023 c29 Kodyjudge
This is an amazing story and one of the only one that still updates so thank you very much and keep up the good work
12/11/2023 c3 1Gamesdean1
Bro is pulling so much shit out of his ass. Wheres the build up wheres the plot. Magically have the swordsman find out and be their. Naruto just accepting rouge and missing nin showing up just like that. Like hes stupid but not that stupid. Also the summoning contract fo sharks really its tradition oh cool ill take it thats the stupids dialouge ive ever read
12/10/2023 c29 TigrezzTail
Lucky for everyone around that they can do that summoning thing. i'm glad Raiga was able to take care of Deidara. Honestly, he's not that weak, it's just the fact that he can fly that keeps him out of range that makes him so formidable. Since his clay is limited to whatever he can carry, it's a major downside to his ability. If you can outlast him and get him down, he's mostly toast. And no I don't count suicide jutsu. He'd still be dead.
12/10/2023 c29 Guest
Great chapter please update again soon as you possibly can thanks.
12/10/2023 c14 football78
How is Naruto having this much trouble with Gaara, an untrained naruto beat him in canon.
11/29/2023 c5 Satsuki Kanagi
Itachi showing up out of nowhere and everyone losing their shit HAD ME ROLLINGGGGGGGG
11/25/2023 c28 Guest
Awesome chapter man Can't wait to read more So please update again soon as you possibly can thanks.
11/25/2023 c28 TigrezzTail
Hm, punishment or trials? After all, you usually get rewards after facing trials...right? Poor, deluded Konohamaru. Wonder what Hiruzen will say? Or will he just play along so he has something to tease the boy about?
11/25/2023 c28 Issei Uzumaki
Now I have to watch darkwing duck reruns lol. Let’s get dangerous
11/25/2023 c28 thor94
fun chapter, and hope you will never give naruto a beard.
Naruto with a beard is like vegeta with the mustache, it is an ugly criminal blasphemy.
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