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for DCOU: Bialyan Queen and Atlantean Princess

8/13 c1
Are you going to continue this?
6/14 c1 164Cotto
This's *really* going to mess up the peace of mind of Tula's stepparents when they find out that she's one of Queen Bee's "wives"; I predict that if that happens, it'd happen via the wedding invites and/or some kind of geopolitical event where it is discerned, much to Orin and Mera's shock and horror.
Though, I do have to admit this following horror to this crime story: Tula was, to be blunt, raped, as Queen Bee deliberately deprived her of any say in the matter by drugging her- so she "engineered" her "wife's" consent to the marital act... but now, by her own admission, she's sister-in-law to Orin and Mera's son; and thus they'd *flip out* on their daughter-in-law over *this* whole geopolitical mess that'd result.
I have only one thing to say on that detail: "enjoy the fallout." as we watch the peace between Atlantis and Bialya literally melt down completely in the process- perhaps resulting in a small-scale nuclear war if things blow up too much, or bigger! Hey, historically a LOT of wars resulted from such dysfunctional royal families having a spat.
I do hope you elect to continue this tale; as it has potential for some serious geopolitical fallout in the process, and the language that the princess is about to use really does make you wonder where she learned to mouth off like that, like she starts to... scary about her character therein.
I mean, lets be candid: from the moment that Queen Bee drugged her, she deprived her of any say in the matter, so the "love making" really was an intimate violation; frankly a rape. I mean, I'm not against the idea of Queen Bee acting up like that, I'm really not opposed to that lens of her at all, but good golly that's some wicked stuff.
However, now she's really her pal Garfield's stepmom; and this's really weird dynastic matters to put it mildly; this's one real peculiar family that you've got her constructing to put it mildly.
I can also see the conflicts result from Marie finding out that Tula's her wife's wife; that's going to *really* get the fireworks going- jealousy incoming folks!
I mean, some of the conduct was, to be blunt, reprensible, but that's the sort of acting up that Queen Bee would go for; and if she's a bit of a bully; I can see the fallout, I can clearly see Tula being granted her parents' being invited to their official wedding; and the result would have Orin flipping tables in rage when he finds out his stepdaughter had little-to-no-say-whatsoever on the queen of Bialya "bedding" her- he'd also have a few choice angry insults for the evil chemist who drugged and took advantage of his daughter like that. (Adoption, blood, and marriage in this kind of case are equally valid: Orin and Mera are Tula's parents now, though not chemically, the moment they adopted her, they became her parents forever.)
6/7 c1 14Sean Lay
Very hot. Tula clearly was no match for Queen Bee's 'charms' in this short. Can't wait for the next part of this series. Especially with the ideas I mentioned to you a while back.

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