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for Right Thing, Wrong Reason

1/3 c1 37MyrenTheNostalgic
AWW I like the idea of the pros/cons list. And that they didn't even make one for how they'd be able to make it work. And he had the ring all along! Very sweet 333
7/7/2023 c1 Jbug47
Great story and much better than in the show!
5/17/2023 c1 80castlefan6
Well written Charlie, if I didn't know better I would think you were a girl in middle school with all of the sweetness, Only kidding, it was far better than the original, keep going

5/16/2023 c1 39imdoingthiswhy
So much better than what we actually saw. Reason and sanity. Yaaay!
5/16/2023 c1 19dkcfan
Nice change for this episode. I agree I didn’t like the way they handled things in the series. After becoming a couple, Kate deserved the opportunity to show she was growing and changing in how she made life decisions, and you gave that to her in your story. Great idea and I loved your take. Keep up the terrific storytelling!
5/15/2023 c1 4coyotepup4
Okay, that was pretty nice, neat concise, and romantic resolution to that situation. Something totally out the question for a TV writer looking for job security. :-)
5/15/2023 c1 Guest
a fix-it after my own heart. thank you
5/14/2023 c1 19wendykw
Soooo much better than canon. Thanks
5/14/2023 c1 sasans
I can't believe you are leaving us in suspense!(kidding). I liked this so much better than her flying to D.C. and not even telling him. I also really liked where she stopped writing her list.
5/14/2023 c1 61Pen to Paper Writer
Very good take on The Human Factor. I never really did like the storyline in that episode because Stack came off as a pompous ass. Anyone who thinks they can recruit people just by telling them what they want to hear needs to have their head examined. Very well done!
5/14/2023 c1 10do-it-for-the-fandom
OMG I’m DYING to know what she said! Haha, kidding!

Great story, I love it! I really didn’t mind the DC thing in canon (although, they could have done it differently/better imo), but I hated the secrecy around it! So the fact that she told him straight away and actually included him in the decision makes me so happy!
5/14/2023 c1 tallcajun
So much better than the canon version. Castle & Beckett together just seems right. Good story.
5/14/2023 c1 Swordwriter
Excellent one shot. That is how canon should have gone. The whole DC arc sucked.
5/14/2023 c1 Dreamwriter08
That’s the way the show should done
But your fix is better thanks for sharing and keeping
Caskett Fanfiction going!
5/14/2023 c1 mmw74
This was great and felt so right for them!
...but I guess we got the necessary cliffhanger that writers wanted instead!
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