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2/3 c1 Russia is better than USA
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11/14/2023 c1 This user has been banned
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9/3/2023 c1 FROGGER 2023
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6/10/2023 c1 29ArkTaisch
Hi, here from the forum challenge, and reading this completely fandom-blind (beyond what I just read in the Wikipedia summary)!

I have no idea who Don is, but that first paragraph definitely gives a good sense of what he's like! Love his thought process here regarding giving people nicknames. Worked for me as a hook into the story, and fits well with the challenge!

Ah, and Jason's interesting, too, with the way he pushes back. Love how you sketch that out with only a few words needed. Excellent job with the dialogue throughout!

(It's funny that this is the second story I've read for this challenge with this kind of combat contest set-up and featuring a calculating, manipulative, competitive character! Though this one is rather less lethal, LOL.)

The action bits flowed well. Got a good sense of how serious it was in each case and how even the match was, and how much effort Don put in in each case, his mental and physical state, etc.

What's in a name (or nickname)? A lot, apparently, if you're Jason, who seems to keep tight control over his. Well, we don't find out why in your story, but it works just as well to leave us guessing... makes it more memorable in a way.
6/1/2023 c1 25dtill359
Really pointed glimpse into just how much power names can have over people.

I think I like Sensei Roberts. Sees a no-nonsense kind a guy.
5/29/2023 c1 149rebecca-in-blue
Hi, here from the What's in a Name challenge and fandom-blind, although that wasn't an issue here. The story and plot are short and straightforward enough that I think it's accessible to anyone. I really like how you write these characters in a way that creates a strong impression of them in not a lot of time. As they switched partners for sparring, it was easy to get invested with how much Don was throwing his nicknames and his weight around, and with whether anyone would finally knock the chip off his shoulder. I couldn't quite get a feel for whether his nicknames were all in fun or more mean-spirited, but it was satisfying in the end to see him finally learn a lesson. You made nice use of the prompt, too - good luck in the challenge!
5/15/2023 c1 Guest
Re reading your stories and lo! this popped up just when I was thinking how much would I love for you to write more. They are full of interesting plot, great characters' arcs and witty dialogue. Thanks for still doing this!
5/15/2023 c1 137Sara K M
Hello, I'm reading this for the WA challenge.

Completely fandom-blind, but that doesn't seem to matter as it's clear what is going on. These guys are practicing martial arts. Don likes to give the other members nicknames as a bit of a joke, and Jason finds it offensive.

I would have liked to hear a bit more about why Jason finds it so offensive, but Jason is clearly not one to give details like that, so it would have to be a "time-jump" of some sort, and I don't know if you wish to do that.

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