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for RWBY's Prehistoric Education

7/5/2023 c1 whitfordstephen53
I wonder if we'll ever get a fic based on the Wikizilla videos.
6/28/2023 c3 4Monster King
Awesome work I hope you continue
6/28/2023 c3 Guest
6/1/2023 c2 Matt
At first I thought you meant something happened to the creatures, but then I googled the wiki and read about the episode. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve watched the show.
5/17/2023 c1 Matt
You do know there’s already a comic character called “Owl Man”, right?
5/15/2023 c1 AutoHunterJ49
Good start, Cant wait to see where this goes.
5/15/2023 c1 2darkromdemon
Ha this Will be intresting
5/15/2023 c1 Yutyrannus28
It looks good so far. Hope to see more.
5/15/2023 c1 Yutyrannus28
What are the designs of the dinosaurs going to be? Will you use up-to-date knowledge and designs, such as prehistoric planet?

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