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for The Guild of Gamers: The Gambler

9/27 c8 badboyelsanto
Lol I don’t even know how to classify Amy, she’s a tsundere that is not shy, she says one thing and her actions does the opposite, that’s cute
9/27 c8 badboyelsanto
I don’t think he should tell anyone apart from his followers that he can grant powers, cause that’s just stupid
Wasnt the skill called [salvation] instead of sanctuary? Salvation sounds cooler
9/27 c7 badboyelsanto
Why didn’t he use the luck stone before rolling so he can get extra pulls
That flame power is too OP to be given as a guft, it’s basically phenex powers from dxd
9/26 c6 badboyelsanto
Scion always gives him good rolls and that’s so cool man lol
9/26 c6 badboyelsanto
Yknow Scion reminds me of Ophis from necromancy lol
9/26 c5 badboyelsanto
Yknow I’m just gonna asdume the phoenix can shrink cause no way it can land in a civilian area without damaging things
9/26 c3 badboyelsanto
Hahaha, clockblocker is officially my favorite side character lol
9/26 c3 badboyelsanto
Lol sett is basically an entity
9/26 c2 badboyelsanto
Why tf is he advertising his system based abilities? Wtf?
9/9 c8 LB97
9/9 c8 Saik0Desame
this is my 7th re-reading
9/2 c6 Rex-Mortuorum
I'll never understand how people are so lucky with rolls, good chapter.
9/2 c2 Rex-Mortuorum
oh that's just funny, who knew that the gacha God's were lewd
9/2 c1 Rex-Mortuorum
I'm starting to see why set is somewhat broken when it comes to luck. good chapter
8/8 c2 redking2005
Honestly the cast fist magic could be broken as if he became a physical fighter and got a magic ability that lets him cast an spell from any place he could drop a powerful punch anywhere like at all
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