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for Jenni Graves (Lackadaisy OC)

7/18 c32 17Bluefox32
Sorry it took so long with this one. I have a lot of stuff on hand.
7/18 c31 Bluefox32
Let's see how Mr. Sweet handles Jenni's performance review
7/18 c30 Bluefox32
Marcus Jags first appearance.
7/18 c29 Bluefox32
Will Jenni have a change of heart after interacting with Lackadaisy?
7/18 c28 Bluefox32
Usually, Jenni's the one calling the shots and interrogating people but this time, she's the one who's being interrogated.
7/18 c27 Bluefox32
Just so it's clear, Jenni hasn't killed Marcus's mother...yet.
7/18 c26 Bluefox32
A friend wanted me to make a foreign character, and this is the one we came up with.
7/18 c25 Bluefox32
Leslie is a private investigator who's helping a serial killer kill other serial killers. How ironic is that?
7/18 c24 Bluefox32
I think we all should be more sympathetic to people like Dolly; the homeless.
7/18 c23 Bluefox32
An oncilla is also called The Northern Tiger Cat
7/6 c22 Bluefox32
Kassian is a great cousin!
7/6 c21 Bluefox32
One of my most tragic characters
7/6 c20 Bluefox32
Ali Snow, Jenni's tech savvy and one of her closest friends.
7/6 c19 Bluefox32
Marley's history and backstory
7/6 c18 Bluefox32
It took a few days but I finally got this chapter finished.
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