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for Resistance: Skyfall

5/26 c2 3silverfox02029
did tadashi srsly forget callaghan and momokase are still waiting outside *wheeze* XD
but jokes aside it was a great filler chapter.
im glad your acknowledging tadashi's decision (maybe later hiro's too) which was selfish and would've doomed everyone in normal circumstances. usually what happens is that authors forget that what their protagonist did was morally gray and just go with the flow that they and their friends have huge plot armors so kudos for that!

cant wait for the next update!
5/19 c1 silverfox02029
oh my god
why would you DO that?
*sobs a tsunami*

i really hope she recovers well... :(
but yes im impressed with how this is going so far...great job.

and to your previous question : i think i'll forever be a little partial to the wasteland series coz idk it was an overall fantastic premise which was built completely from scratch :)

cant wait for the next chapter!
(really hope your word documents saves the would be catastrophic if it didnt)


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