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6/19 c1 45AzikaRue394
Sorry for keeping you waiting! I do plan on checking out your other fic, but I have a long reading (and writing) list right now so I'm gonna try to sprinkle a review here and there as I can. :)

One of my favorite things lately has been thinking about future World Championships and where in the world they could take place. Austria sounds like a beautiful location and I love the way you set such an elegant scene right away. I'm a sucker for dreamy locations and descriptions lol

This bartender is a 10/10. Love how he plays matchmaker and how he remembers that Julia prefers Spanish wines - that was a nice touch!

I'm curious if you had a certain beyblader in mind as Julia's bad date lol I think it's very in character for Julia to prefer to be alone over being with somebody who doesn't value her like they should. She's such a confident person, but I also see her as a bit of a romantic at heart, which I think you captured wonderfully here.

I really enjoyed the teasing challenges between Tala and Julia and the way you called back to them at the end of the story, too. Captured that part of their dynamic really well! Also loved how Tala agreed to go walking with her and how Julia was surprised that he was different than she thought - I think that would definitely be the case and I like to think that Julia surprises him as well. Another thing I like about their dynamic.

I was a little surprised when Julia started up that conversation at the end, but it looks like it's going to lead to a nice evening for both of them! Good job on this one - I really enjoyed it! And thank you for writing for these two! :)
6/3 c1 SierrA0220
Maravilloso, pocas historias de Julia y Tala y la tuya es tan magnífica.

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